How Justin Collins Built A Thriving Online Fitness Brand During A Pandemic

Online fitness coach, model, and highly sought out influencer Justin Collins recalls how a drought in his modeling career, the loss of his mother, and being 40 pounds overweight introduced a change in the way he thought of his future that he considered a life-changing wake-up call. 

Speaking engagements to inspire people battling with obesity to get to their ideal weight didn’t seem enough for JC. He felt the need to provide a clearer message, to connect more, and to get people to raise their standard of living by starting to lose weight at home. This is how his Fitness by JC was born – a personalized physique transformation program that aims to assist working professionals to get to their best form.

The motivation

Without supervision and diet restrictions after playing his last basketball game in college, Justin was no longer exercising and put on some serious weight. The first correct decision he made was to find a coach who would not only help him lose weight, but would educate him on nutrition. Since then, Justin traded whoppers and milkshakes, and was able to lose 30 pounds and is successful at keeping them off. 

But he needed to do more. And it was her late mother’s voice prodding him to use his ability to give and always live every day that made JC see the value of social media. Instagram was his first platform for influencing people to get in better shape, and it was where he gained supporters, fans, and an audience that would become his clients.

Branding during a pandemic

Fitness by JC is an online program perfect for working professionals that offers a 12-week personalized total body transformation. It includes a custom meal and workout plan to fit your needs and goals, and a 24/7 text and email support, to name a few. With COVID restrictions limiting the capacity of gyms, not to mention the economic disruption on both businesses and consumers, more and more people are working out at home. This was an angle JC couldn’t pass up, so his videos would include some of his workouts using household items like water bottles or speakers he could use as weights.

The creativity and resourcefulness gained him even more followers, thanking him for the encouragement not to give up working out during the pandemic. Just the fact that you can show people that it is doable anytime and anywhere is sometimes the encouragement some people struggling with weight problems need.

Consistent proof

With his own transformation on Instagram as his leverage, Justin Collins proves you can create a new you, and so his brand as a fitness coach sticks and he’s on his way to getting a million followers. But there’s a lot of fitness coaches out there and JC knows it just as he knows that the number one way to stand out is to provide results. The easiest way to prove yourself is to show client results, whether on social media or your website; by showing they’re winning and that they’re crushing it. When people see progress, they are inclined to lean towards what you’re offering for their own personal achievement.

Another way to stand out is to show up every day powerfully, consistently, and honestly. Document your progress by showing you’re in the gym if you’re really in the gym. If you’re eating healthy, maybe share your meal with a homeless person or a family member you’re helping get into their ideal weight. Just provide value in any way, shape, or form. JC would even have days when he doesn’t feel like working out, and he shares the sentiment on social media where his followers find him relatable and real.

Goals and scaling out

Business suffers when you can’t serve people the right way. With only so much time in a day and a lot on his plate as he is also an artist, songwriter, producer, and model, JC’s next goal is building a team that can cater to a clientele that’s growing bigger by the minute. He envisions his success as having reached and helped at least 1 million people change their lives by being physically healthy with his program, Fitness by JC, and mentally healthy with his mindset training and motivational speaking engagements. 

JC considers his fans and supporters his lifelines. When you have a thousand people waiting to see what you’re doing and what you’re having for a meal, it’s incredibly humbling and motivating to constantly become better. What more if it’s a million followers? You lead, a million emulates. It is a relationship that becomes more important to you because it brings you fulfillment versus just a business transaction. Aside from bigger ads to roll out in the future, JC plans to be more inclusive by creating a more flexible, lower priced program to cater to individuals that have different schedules, needs, and means. 

Justin Collins’ goal is to know his fans, and to let them know individually that they matter, and this is essentially what the program does, as he personally guides clients from Day 1 to total transformation. And it’s what makes his graduates love their new lifestyle, new body, and new mindset. Their transformation starts with an initial physique transformation session with JC so that they can enjoy a better and stronger version of themselves.

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