How Kaidontkry Turned his Passion Into his Profession

KAIDONTKRY is a Mumbai based artist who tries to share creations in an intimate and unpolished way. His real name is Aditya Nair. His upcoming album ‘My Bad’ is all set to be released, with every song having its own purpose. He was interested in music since he was 8 and as he grew older, he set in stone his goal to pursue music as a profession. “When I was very young, I knew precisely what I wanted to accomplish. I would wake each morning driven by a specific agenda—practicing, writing, promoting, etc. When I went to sleep at night, I reflected on what I had accomplished and always felt fulfilled. There has never been a wasted, sad, or lonely day in my life. I can’t imagine things being any other way.” He always tries to put a lot of weight on the lyrics, with reflections on humanity and feels. 

Having a way to express his ideas has always been really important for him. While he more or less, already had that since he was a child, pursuing music professionally has been great for him and he is obsessed with it. The public is always eager to explore new music each day. The music industry takes a lot of time and effort and it is not just all fun as we always see on the outside. For KAIDONTKRY, his mom, Priya Nair has always stood by him and been his biggest support system. He always tries to be true to himself and his art. “If you’re not having fun, it doesn’t matter what type of songs you’re writing, even if you’re writing a sad song, if you don’t enjoy the process you won’t come up with anything that other people will enjoy. You should always have some kind of nice feeling in your body when you’re writing songs. People recognise real feelings!” He is always trying to strengthen the connection between his music and his words as well. He feels like it is really important that they do not collide with each other and have a great synergy. For him, the most enjoyable part is when he is right in the middle of creating a song and he knows that he has the idea and sees it coming together. 

The album, ‘My Bad’, was inspired by the 90s cultures- the fashion, the anime, the cars and everything around it. It is built around the 90s romance, even though he says that he is not a romantic person in real life, the 90s romance and culture inspired him to write this album. He says that this album goes into detail while still being vague and undone. His perseverance and passion towards music is truly inspiring and his vision is something larger than just your average person’s. His songs are the story of thoughts from his mind as he is growing as an artist and as a person. Different experiences that cause different emotions, situations, feelings and everything that changes were things he translated into his art. He hopes that the songs on his album can become music and messages and lyrics, that people can find themselves within the stories, and find their story within his story. His music is raw and phenomenal, all set to awe, astound and inspire. It is going to be something to look forward to when the album comes out.

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