How Kamil Misztal overcame impossible odds and transformed Ara Canna into a leading Cannabis brand

From over seven billion people globally, the number of successful people is less than 10 percent of the world population. Given this statistic, the odds are stacked so high against most people in the world. However, entrepreneurship is shifting this dynamic.

Over the years, more people have embraced their entrepreneurial passions. They have broken free of society’s expected path of a 9-to-5 job and a life of financial slavery. From a young age, Kamil Misztal knew that he wanted to build a successful life for himself.

Today, Misztal stands as a successful entrepreneur who has built his Cannabis brand from the ground up. Ara Canna is a recognized brand that is setting the pace for other entrepreneurs in the industry.

When speaking of his success, it would be easy to overlook his struggles on the way to the top. However, Misztal takes pride in the journey that has shaped him into who he is today. He was born in Poland and moved to the US when he was eight.

Besides being an immigrant, a difficult childhood taught him early on that risks are inevitable in life. He had to start making a living at 13, working two jobs at a car retail shop and a grocery store.

Misztal realized very quickly that entrepreneurship was his ticket to success and began stacking his winning cards at a young age. By age 17, he had started building a name for himself in entrepreneurship. He sold his retail shop to buy trucks. It would be the beginning of his journey through various stages in his entrepreneurial quest.

Misztal openly admitted failure, struggle, and doubt and emphasized the importance of confidence, believing in yourself, and persistence. He would have given up early on if he wasn’t set on overcoming every obstacle and rewriting his story into a success story.

Seeing how far he has come from a boy with a dream to a successful young man fulfilling his dream, Misztal has been an inspiration to many people who feel that the odds aren’t in their favor. He champions young people rewriting their stories and defying odds to chase their passions.

Ara Canna’s success has allowed Kamil Misztal to appreciate the difficulties it took to get where he is today. Cannabis brands face stiff competition with many other entrepreneurs venturing into the industry, but Misztal has solidified Ara Canna’s place.

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