How Kareem Elmashad Utilized Technology and created RSRVIT App For Restaurant Reservations in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Nowadays technology can do wonders, Kareem Elmashad is an entrepreneur who made it true again. while Looking for Restaurants or Cafes in Kyiv? You have to do no more struggle as people have RSRVIT App.

True to his word, young entrepreneur Kareem El-Mashad is taking his passion for innovative technology to the world. The founder of the I Am Dubai app is expanding, launching his RSRVIT app in Ukraine. The opportunity is the perfect fit for El-Mashad, who enjoys creating technology-based solutions that help restaurateurs promote their businesses and raise revenue.

While the I Am Dubai app connects models and social media influencers with restaurants and food brands, the RSRVIT app links locals and tourists to nearby eateries. RSRVIT app is the first automated restaurant reservations app.

“The RSRVIT app is a game changer for restaurant reservations kiev,” he said. “Kiev is a big city with a lot of different types of restaurants, but there’s no app that allows you to book a table.”

Reservations, El-Mashad explained, are often preferred by diners, but they can be a double-edged sword for restaurant managers. That’s because restaurants must often go to great lengths to hire and train staff to man phone inquiries, respond to email messages and manage waiting lists.

Despite their best efforts, customers may still grow frustrated and either leave without being seated or, worse yet, not honor their reservation all at. No-shows are an incredible drain on restaurants because tables are being held for potential customers when guaranteed customers are available. 

The RSRVIT app addresses this issue and more, allowing restaurant managers to work efficiently in turning over tables and making a profit. 

How it works

Kiev is an incredibly diverse city, so there are a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, including ethnic eateries like International and Mediterranean. Customers can also select from different food classifications such as seafood and fish. There is an exciting assortment for everyone, so families will never be bored by the tasty results. 

With just two clicks, patrons can secure a reservation. With an integrated payment system, users also pay a small deposit, which is applied fully to their order once they honor their reservation, protecting the restaurant from no-shows.

“The app will not only help users book tables, it is designed to be a personal assistant when it comes to booking. It will suggest a restaurant based on your previous bookings and will pop up on days you usually book as a reminder to reserve a seat for your next dinner,” said El-Mashad.

Users can also directly message the restaurant with questions or special requests.

Since Kiev is often filled with tourists who may struggle with making reservations due to language barriers, the RSRVIT app is available in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

What’s next

The future looks bright for El-Mashad, who once was an obscure businessman dismissed because of his youth. With only his vision to guide him, El-Mashad has demonstrated that he has what it takes to succeed in the highly competitive app development space. 

His next goal is launching the RSRVIT app for Dubai, United Arab Emirates and move to dominate American, European and African markets. 

For now, interested persons can download the RSRVIT app from the Apple App store or Google Play, or .

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