How Kaye Bassey is Using her Platform to Spread Positivity

With the rise of the internet and the creation of numerous social media platforms, the influencer can be seen as a mainstream celebrity. People often look to their favorite influencer for tips on a wide range of subjects, from the best places to stay when traveling, what type of foods to eat to increase muscle mass, what type of hair products to use, and many more. Although there are more and more influencers rising to prominence, Kaye Bassey stands apart with her unwavering commitment to improve the lives of her followers with her beneficial advice on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Bassey first began her blog 7 years ago, it served as a creative outlet for her to connect with the social media community about her passion for beauty, fashion, and life. When Bassey began to see increased engagement with her followers, she fully immersed herself as a full-time influencer and blogger in 2019. Bassey has a very rare and unique background, as she is originally of Nigerian descent, born in Canada, and raised in Europe. Armed with over 157k followers on Instagram and 139K followers on Tik Tok, Bassey capitalized on opportunities to work with esteemed brands like Pantene, Sephora, Revolve, Nordstrom, Net-A-Porter, Thierry Mugler, among others.

No matter what subject Bassey is focused on, she centers everything around her principles of motivation and inspiration. She gives her followers candid reviews of the books she is reading, as well as the products she is using. She does all the this to convey her relentless commitment to creating a better world by spreading positivity. Bassey targets content that her followers can relate to, all with the goal of helping them enjoy a more fruitful life. With the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic, Bassey has focused on subjects like mental health, giving her followers advice on self-care, and how they can use different methods to cope with such difficult times. She strongly desires for her content to have a lasting impact on her followers, giving them the necessary tools to create a better, and happier life. She emphasizes doing small things for yourself, creating channels of positivity that can be viewed through the lens of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

To learn more about Kaye Bassey, follow her on Instagram @kayebassey

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