How Knowledge Base can Supercharge Your eCommerce Store

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The world of sales has completely changed. With the arrival of eCommerce stores, society took an unexpected turn, and now statistics point to incredible findings.

Over 2 billion people buy things online each year, according to statistics. At the same time, a third of most buyers purchase online at least once per week.

However, it is extremely hard to create a seamless sales funnel that drives customers to your store each time someone visits it. Thus, it’s very common to look for new methods to improve and ensure each person in your audience becomes a client. 

Due to the incredible potential of eCommerce, you might feel motivated to supercharge your eCommerce store and make it work the way you want. Fortunately, there are many tools available to make that happen, and that includes a knowledge base. 

When you think of the term “knowledge base,” you might imagine information. In a way, it is exactly that.

Knowledge base software allows you to accumulate specific information about your site and present it in a way that’s easy to digest. Your base, for example, can include video demonstrations, glossaries, guides, and more. 

The article includes useful information about a knowledge base, and why you should use it to enhance your eCommerce store. Read on, and find out everything your business needs on the subject. 

More Efficient Customer Support

Regardless of the structure, you manage to support your customers, knowledge base can help you improve the process.

When you use knowledge management software, you’re relying on a basic principle: all your employees have the same information. 

If all your employees don’t have the same data, they might spend a lot of time trying to find the right answers to attend to customers’ questions. Furthermore, they may even give different information each time someone asks them something.

In many cases, using knowledge management software can completely change your team’s productivity levels, but you may not know how much until you try. 

Using a knowledge base helps your customer service adapt to a specific system. Overall, it helps improve productivity since all your employees can access the same place when they’re looking for answers to provide to the public. 

Boost Customer Shopping Experience

Suppose you enter an eCommerce store and want more information about a certain product. However, the data you need is not available at the time, and there are not many ways to contact the business.

You probably might not feel very motivated to continue with your shopping experience on that site. Instead, likely, you may start looking for different eCommerce stores that offer the products you’re looking for.

All of that can change if you’re using knowledge base software in your eCommerce store. When you rely on that technology, you can set up a chat plugin and similar things to enhance your customer’s shopping experience.

If you’ve never used chatbots before, you may feel skeptical about their effectiveness. However, with an accurate knowledge base, they can do their job correctly. 

Good chatbots can deliver accurate information to your customers, and they might even feel like they’re talking to a person. Nonetheless, you have to spend time working on the knowledge base, otherwise, you can’t make the process work. 

Faster Onboarding Process 

Every business person loves when a new client starts working with them. However, that requires an effective onboarding process. 

Expert companies and eCommerce stores might need only a few minutes to get an employee on board, but each process is different. 

In many cases, your eCommerce store may take a long time to effectively manage the onboarding process. Even so, there are many ways to improve, and one of the best ones is to take advantage of knowledge management software, which can help you enhance your methodology in several ways.

First of all, a knowledge base can help you ensure your clients have the information they need each time they visit your site. They don’t have to wait for anything – every answer is available for them.

To achieve that, having a frequently asked questions section is essential. That way, your customers can take a look at common doubts people like them have about your product, and they might find all the answers they need without having to wait for anyone to respond. 

Secondly, your knowledge base might help clients understand how your product works. It might sound surprising, but many people know what your items are, but they don’t comprehend how to use them. Therefore, uploading explainer videos is a fantastic idea. 

Lastly, a phenomenal way to improve your onboarding process using a knowledge base is to include several stories. Thus, your customers can read other people’s opinions about your items, and they might feel more confident about buying them.

The key to an effective onboarding process is making sure your employees have a good experience while they work for you. Therefore, you should make sure they all have information ready when they need to understand what you sell, and how to communicate that to the clients. 

Better SEO Ranking 

Having an online store is not easy, especially since you have to manage SEO for eCommerce. If you’re getting started in the digital business world, you may have to learn a lot of things before you understand how to manage everything properly.

Search Engine Optimization is key to making your eCommerce store succeed and enhancing your knowledge base is a great way to ensure your website ranks higher on Google.

According to Statista (2019), the second-largest source of website traffic is organic traffic, which clearly shows the importance of SEO.

Since SEO is so important, paying attention to your knowledge base is essential to make your eCommerce store succeed. Thus, make sure you plan your content, use relevant keywords, and ensure your knowledge management software is always efficient. Likewise, pay attention to your formatting – Microsoft Support might help with that. 

Gives Better Assistance to Your Support Teams

The onboarding process and customer support are just parts of managing your team, but they’re not all.

If you want to have an effective and successful eCommerce store, you need to make sure both your employees and your clients are satisfied with the process. That’s where the knowledge base becomes relevant – it aids your support teams, so they can help your visitors. Slack, for example, lets you have everything in one place so you can easily communicate with your workers.

Keep in mind that your support teams have the responsibility of dealing with your clients. Thus, using convenient knowledge base software is essential because it facilitates the process. They can understand how your product works, and they gladly explain everything to your clients in case they need to know something. 

Saves You Time and Money for Hiring More Support Staff

In the end, every business person wants to save money, and of course, make more revenue. However, that’s only possible if you know how to effectively manage your team, and ensure your clients want to come back to your store.

You don’t need an immense team to successfully manage your eCommerce store. On the contrary – if you use knowledge management software, you can automate several processes instead of hiring new staff.

Chatbots, for example, could answer basic questions your clients might have, which helps you avoid hiring new people just to do that.

An effective knowledge management software lets your employees have accurate information about your products, and helps you save time and money. You don’t have to retrain employees, nor hire new people to do certain tasks. 

Provides More Credibility to Your Brand 

When you hear the word “credibility,” you might think it’s a very subjective term. Undoubtedly, it means that your brand is trustworthy, but still, it can be hard to determine what that means.

Overall, if you’re building a brand, you want people to respect you as a reputable representative of the market you’re in. Therefore, suppose you sell planners and organization tools. In that case, in creating your proposal, you probably want clients to know you know a lot about the subject, and that your products are high-quality.

When you rely on a knowledge base to help your clients, they might feel like your brand is much more trustworthy. 

Knowledge management software is essential to your eCommerce store because it helps build credibility. Many people don’t want to wait for a personalized email response to get the answer to their question – they prefer curated content because that makes them feel more confident.

With MailChimp, you can easily create email campaigns and send curated content to your audience. Thus, a knowledge base helps you boost productivity, but it also allows your brand to gain more importance on the internet. There are many eCommerce stores, and to succeed, you need to make sure yours is different from the rest of the competitors. 


Running an eCommerce store is very complicated, especially when you’re starting to build your knowledge base. 

However, with knowledge management software, the journey can be much easier. Once you construct your base, you might see a noticeable improvement in productivity levels and many different processes, such as customer support, and employee onboarding.

The world is constantly changing, so you should rely on technology to update your knowledge base as well. Even though it may sound new to you, the benefits and opportunities it brings might be very convenient for your eCommerce store. Thus, evaluate all the ways to incorporate it into your business, and get started.

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