How Lack of Sleep Woke Up a Startup

Counting sheep isn’t as easy as it used to be. Our plugged-in lifestyles and constant contact with the world around us have come with a price – mainly, sleep. From college students to entrepreneurs, there is a commonality in the need for sleep and the seeming lack thereof. Enter Cloudy, a wellness brand founded by John Robb that develops products built to aid sleep and relieve stress. Robb and his health and wellness startup have not only been able to appeal to tens of thousands of customers in over 70 countries but also captured the attention of Google and their renowned Brand Accelerator Program. All in the name of a good night’s sleep. What is it that has created such a buzz in the realm of rest? Here’s the low down.

The Concept

John Robb is no newcomer to big ideas. He created his first e-commerce store in his teens, and it only went up from there. Fast forward to today, and Robb is at the forefront of digital marketing with InfluencerHive, an insta-dream marketplace for companies to find the perfect influencer match. With all of his success, he had a problem. Stress and the business of life was affecting his sleep. Turns out, Robb was far from alone in these struggles. More and more, people were struggling with shutting off their minds to get some shut-eye. Seeing an opportunity, Robb used his entrepreneurial experience to bring the nonsleepers of the world to Cloudy.

What Is Cloudy Exactly?

The product idea was simple- help people get to sleep and fast. Enter the Cloudy Personal Diffuser. It’s like aromatherapy leveled up and got a promotion at work. The personal diffuser allows the user to inhale a sleep-lovers’ dream blend of lavender, chamomile, and melatonin. The diffuser creates a mist that, when inhaled, helps the user settle in for a good night’s rest. How exactly does it work?


The beauty of Cloudy is its simplicity. Melatonin is a hormone produced naturally in the body to help us fall asleep. So, what does your body need when it can’t sleep? Melatonin! Studies have shown that melatonin naturally tells your body that it’s time to rest and can induce sleep in an average of 7 minutes faster! Combine that with the relaxation-inducing lavender and chamomile, and your recipe for success

What Made It Work

The magic behind Cloudy’s popularity goes beyond a great idea. Products with melatonin are all over the marketplace. Even still, Cloudy stands out. The secret to success is a combination of an innovative product and a knack for creative marketing. Robb and his company created a product that not only actually does what it promises but have also been able to generate over 100 million digital ad impressions and be featured in prominent publications like Rolling Stone and Bloomberg.

To Google and Beyond

Cloudy’s melatonin diffuser has quickly developed a reputation for being one of the fastest working sleep aids on the market, catching the attention of consumers, media, and Google. Google’s invitation-only Brand Accelerator Program searches for innovative companies with massive growth potential to help along the path to success and saw that potential in the genius of the product and its brand. With the alignment of these stars, the nighttime sky is the limit for Robb and Cloudy.

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