How Lara “The Ecom Wolf” went from Food Stamps to Earning 7 figures

Steve Jobs stated “If you look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” This is the case of a woman whose phenomenal success earned her the nickname ‘the Ecom Wolf.’ Lara Rahib has proven once more that success is guaranteed when focus, passion, and hard work converge in a person.

She was born to a humble middle Eastern family in Palestine. Lara moved with her family to the United States at one. Determined to succeed against all odds, she went to college and studied Biology. At some point in her life, she battled unemployment and survived on food stamps before becoming the Ecom wolf that earned seven figures.

E-commerce Magic

Lara Rahib knew she wanted more from life. She wanted the comfort that came from making a passive income. According to the e-commerce expert, “I loved real estate, and still do because I invest in it, but I wanted something more passive. I wanted to make money while I was sleeping, on vacation, or spending time with family and friends.

Armed with this determination, she started her e-commerce journey that will ultimately change her life. In her first year selling on Amazon, Lara did over $700,000! An impressive record that showed her she was on the right path. With her new change in status, Lara could afford to retire her parents in 2017 and buy a house. After her monthly income dropped from $30,000 monthly to about $4,000 on Amazon, she decided she would make a decision that would bring total control of her business.

The drop in sales came from Amazon’s decision to take over their platform, which affected businesses on their page and tanked sales. At this point, she knew she had to push her brand in her unique way. In her words, “I was determined, focused, and motivated to start taking control of my own business, on my OWN website and not depend on a third party like Amazon.”

After leaving Amazon and setting up her website, she did $1.3 million in sales in the first three months. This incredible move made other businesses discouraged by Amazon’s new policy come to her, seeking a way forward. At that point, a new phase in her life was unveiled. From being on food stamps to earning 6 and 7 figures in a year and teaching others how to escape their 9-5 jobs with her consultancy.

E-Commerce: The Ultimate Game-Changing Move.

For Lara, E-Commerce was the game-changer. Having an e-commerce store that allowed her full autonomy made her financial transition swift. With an increase in income and confidence that stemmed from running her e-commerce store, the e-commerce wolf made a fortune that enabled her to invest in real estate. In her words, “Without eCommerce, I would never be able to invest in Real Estate at the rate that I invest today. “

Lara, “the Ecom Wolf” presents an accurate picture of success. Despite battling unemployment and surviving on food stamps at some point, she held on to her determination to create wealth.

When she chose to forge ahead despite the changes in Amazon that caused her monthly sales to tank, she was well on her way to becoming a force in the sphere of e-commerce. Her story clearly shows that anyone can be a phenomenal figure when the right dose of confidence, determination, and passion is available to them.

Just like “the Ecom Wolf,” you can go from being on food stamps to becoming a seven-digit income earner. It doesn’t matter if you suffer from an anxiety disorder like she did or working on a 9-5 that you hate. If you truly desire to be successful, you can be just that.

As one of the most successful persons in e-commerce, Lara teaches you how to go from being a 9-5er to making millions in a year. You can connect with her on her website,, or follow her on instagram @theecomwolf, to find inspiration and learn from the best.

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