How Leenor Dikel is Helping Women Live Their Most Successful Lives

LeeNor Dikel at Life With LeeNor LLC, is a #1 internationally best-selling author, life coach, speaker and host. She has been featured in NBC, CBS, USA Today, Disrupt Magazine, Market Watch and The Digital Journal, along with features in Brainz Top 500 Global Entrepreneurs, along with Jim Kwik, Mel Robbins, Jay Shetty and other world leaders.

LeeNor’s latest book, The Game-Changer Workbook is a 150-page intensive guided journal  for women to upgrade their lifestyle and follow their dreams. She is also the founder of From Striving To Thriving In 90 Days, a course that helps individuals around the world to take their life into their own hands. 

LeeNor works with clients to discover their purpose, break free from doubt, inaction and insecurity, and follow their goals without fear or hesitation holding them back. Life With LeeNor LLC has helped many creatives, entrepreneurs, and other ambitious thought-leaders pursue their passions and realize their dreams by overcoming their doubts and fears. Utilizing her 3-Step Strategy For Success: The CSE Method, LeeNor helps her clients conquer limiting beliefs, embody self-love, and develop a game-plan that works to cultivate the lifestyle, ventures and relationships that bring joy and allow them to thrive.

She founded The Conscious-Subconscious-Energetic (CSE) Method when she discovered the importance of working with various layers in the process of transformation. What changes may be created at a conscious level, must be solidified at subconscious level, and finally secured through shifts in energy.

The CSE Method allows her to work with her clients to clear away blockages not only at the conscious level, but also to make the necessary shifts at the subconscious level and energetic level, generating changes which are both more powerful and more permanent.

This way, when her clients walk away from coaching, they will not only be equipped with essential tools, but they will have made shifts at a cellular level which allow them to handle their lives differently, as a more powerful, confident, and peaceful version of themselves. Her mission? To empower women around the world to overcome their limitations and live a life where they don’t have to hold themselves back from the things, the experiences, and the lifestyle they want the most.  

LeeNor began this journey as a coach after her personal experience hitting rock bottom. Her own difficult moments forced her to look inwards and begin her own long and transformational healing journey. After holistically cleansing and healing herself from her OCD and an eating disorder, she went on to clear away any inner limitations that stood in between herself and the lifestyle she wanted for herself. She shares these secrets to healing and success with her clients every day. 

Moreover, because of LeeNor’s holistic and innovative approach to coaching, her clients never lack what they need. In her work, LeeNor discovered that the best way to honor a client’s deep-rooted differences in both background and goals, is to design packages unique to each client. By combining her university background in marketing, entrepreneurship and branding, as well as a variety of healing modalities she teaches, she can offer clients a comprehensive approach to coaching in what she calls her Service Vault. 

This vault includes access to her bestselling coaching program, as well as to all of her additional services, ranging from practical tools like branding and business mentorship to more holistic modalities like reiki healing, manifestation and hypnotherapy. Premium clients get full access to this vault for each of their weekly sessions.

LeeNor’s premium clients also benefit from having access to her outside of sessions, utilizing the radio-like app, Voxer. For clients who wish to spend immersive and transformative weekends in locations such as Miami’s Faena, LeeNor offers luxury VIP days and private retreats. 

While she only coaches around 7 premium clients per quarter, she offers a wide range of products and services so that everyone has a chance to thrive. For those not ready to invest in coaching, The Game-Changer Workbook is a great way to begin one’s journey. LeeNor also offers a variety of other books, resources, courses, podcast episodes and programs at every level.

LeeNor Dikel helps people pursue their passions not only by discovering their purpose but by helping them overcome whatever mindset and energetic blockages that may be getting in the way of their success. Her main goal with her products and services is to help her clients find more locational, financial and time freedom by turning what they love into a source of income.

Her products help bridge the gap, helping people go from being unsatisfied in their lives and careers to pursuing their soul-driven passions. LeeNor has helped countless clients and can also help you wake up excited to live a life where you never have to feel held back from doing the things you truly want and love.

To follow LeeNor on her journey with Life With LeeNor LLC, find her on Instagram and Youtube.

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