How LeRoy Mobley Turned His Life Around to Become a Performer

We’ve experienced some dark times recently. No year is without it’s tests, but no year has affected everyone around the world so deeply before. 2020 and the pandemic has cast a dark shadow over most of us, and even if we haven’t been affected through our income or health by the pandemic, it has affected all of us in our loneliness. If you’ve been struggling, and need something to bring some light into your life, we’ve got just the thing: LeRoy Mobley’s music.

Mobley is a multi-talented and multi-passionate singer-songwriter-actor living in West Hollywood, where he regularly performs. While Mobley now dedicates his time to spreading joy, light, happiness, and faith to all the lives he touches, it is only possible due to the darkness he faced over a decade ago.

After graduating from University in his home state of Florida, Mobley fell into a deep pit of depression. He struggled for years with depression, suicidal ideation, and sexual addiction. At times, it felt as though he would never break free of the black cloud hovering over his life.

That all changed, however, in late December 2010. Just a few days before the turn of the new year, Mobley experienced a transformative miracle, one that turned his life around entirely and reconnected him with his faith. He knew from that day on that he had to change not only for his sake, but for the sake of many people suffering all over the world.

Mobley had been given a gift that revitalized him and gave him a purpose to live.

Of course, his musical gifts came long before that fateful night in which he knew everything had to change – his musical talents had been recognized since he was a child. While attending middle school in Tampa, one of his teachers recognized his talent and encouraged him to pursue singing. From then, he started performing at school, in church, and for his very lucky girlfriends!

He also picked up other instruments, like trumpet and guitar, which gave him the well-rounded musical knowledge that make his music so catchy today. His pop music career began in earnest in 2016, and besides his best known 2018 release “Better Together,” he has over fifty other tracks that uplift, inspire, and bring joy to those who listen.

If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, you need to head over to YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music to take a listen and even have a dance! In times like these, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking a spin around the living room alone, with your kids, partner, or even a furry dance partner!

Understandably, Mobley has been getting a lot of press for the joy he’s bringing to people in such testing times, and even before COVID-19 hit for his music and theater performances. He’s been featured on ABC, Fox, LA Wire, Fox’s Good Day New York, and the United Nations.

Mobley’s music is soulful, uplifting, and is an absolute must-listen if you’ve been feeling down or alone. His musical influences, such as John Legend, Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendes, DJ Khaled, and David Guetta, are apparent and have made his music what it is today.

Thanks to Mobley’s charisma that has helped him perform on stage and screen, he’s a magnetic performer, and soon hopes to return to stages and festivals all over the world.

When Mobley is not performing, he’s traveling or working on his fitness. He’s been to almost every continent and even lived and worked in Japan for a time, and his dedication to his fitness has helped keep him focused on the positive and all the good he can do in the world. He works with several charities and hopes to make a big impact for people experiencing poverty.

To follow LeRoy Mobley and hear his music, go to his website and Instagram account, or listen to him on YouTubeSpotify, and Apple Music.

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