How Lorrie Gray’s Journey of Self-Healing Has Led Her to Become One of the Most Desired Life Coaches in LA and Internationally

Mental health, low self-esteem, imposter syndrome, self-sabotage. All of these and more are issues that everyone has suffered from at some point in their life, but not many people are willing to talk about the negative habits, behaviours and perspectives that people can subconsciously get stuck holding onto.

These issues can manifest themselves as roadblocks in your life, creating a sense of feeling stuck, stagnant and not progressing in the areas you want to. Developmental Coach Lorrie Gray has lived and overcome these very challenges, and has made it her life’s work to teach you that you are strong enough to overcome these predicaments. Leading with empathy borne from her own journey overcoming chronic illness, wheelchairs and trauma; Lorrie expertly teaches the logic behind emotions and works to shift people’s limiting perspectives on themselves, unlocking the door for personal growth and success.

Lorrie has always been a natural leader, guide or mentor in some capacity. From captaining the sports team in high school, to mentoring new staff at her previous role at a non-profit, international humanitarian aid organization, to even being the wise matron that new mothers would turn to for advice. Lorrie’s soothing demeanour, analytical mind, kind heart and natural magnetism drew people to her, and she equally loves to help, share and guide people to overcome any challenges they face. She transforms lives every day, helping people step into the powerful beings she knows they are.

To learn the lessons necessary to lead and guide those around her, Lorrie had to go on her own life-altering journey that stemmed from a genetic condition named Ehler’s-Danlos syndrome, which gave her a lifetime of health issues to overcome and left her wheelchair-bound for 5 years after her second pregnancy in 2009. Lorrie exhausted all the options that western medicine could provide during that time, and when she found herself suffering from more symptoms and side-effects than she started with she decided that she needed to find a new path, beginning her unique journey of healing and self-discovery.

Through systematic changes to basically every area of her life, Lorrie managed to reach a level of health and well-being that western doctors thought was impossible for someone in her state. In Lorrie’s trials, she learned to unlock her mind from limiting beliefs, and embraced the deep reservoir of strength that she believes exists in everyone. It’s through deeply understanding your internal world that you can truly create the life you desire.” Lorrie stated confidently. “Thoughts are not facts; if yours aren’t serving you, you have the power to change them. Emotions are logical; they are safe to feel.”

Although she still lives with the pain of her genetic condition every day, Lorrie has been able to create a life of health, wealth and abundance in love, energy and freedom for herself and those around her. People could notice and feel the strength and compassion emanating from Lorrie, and would often turn to her for advice or mentorship. Before Lorrie knew it, she had fallen into another leadership role as a Developmental Coach! Now she’s constantly in high demand from influential leaders utilizing a deep arsenal of tools, skills and methodologies developed from years of mentoring, leadership and teaching to perform deep inner work without the “woo woo” aspect that people can’t follow.

The greatest gift i offer my clients is a true and deep understanding of themselves.Lorrie noted when describing the services she offers. She provides custom-made 1 on 1 coaching sessions that can address her client’s desires on multiple levels; from surface level problem-solving and goal orienting, to deep inner work on core values, worldview and mindset shaping.

If you’re looking to free yourself from the limiting behaviour patterns holding you back, or want to develop the resilience necessary to push forward to success, connect with Lorrie Gray through her website or through Instagram. Her research-based strategies, compassionate spirit and keen insight will help you confidently step into the happy, healthy and successful version of yourself that you deserve!

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