How M. Patrick Carroll Became a Staple in the Real Estate Industry

M. Patrick Carroll

Real Estate is a vast industry with many opportunities for capitalization, many successful businessmen have built a strong foundation with their real estate ventures. From investing, brokering deals, as well as flipping homes- there is limitless potential in this field. Patrick Carroll is a leading figure in the world of real estate, having had immense success through a variety of channels. Carroll is the founder and CEO of CARROLL, a company that manages commercial and residential real estate, as well as property management, investments, construction management, among other aspects of real estate.

Carroll’s ascension in the real estate industry is an inspirational story of prosperity. Carroll began to flip homes in Atlanta when he was just 21 years old, using this method to springboard the rest of his endeavors. He went on to develop and sell a 150-unit housing development, just in time before the recession hit in 2008. The economy was in ruins, but Carroll was able to liquidate his assets in order to buy three property management companies- amounting to 20,000 new multifamily residences.

Armed with almost 20 years of industry experience, Carroll says that most of his success is due to audacious business moves, as well as the savvy individuals he was blessed to work with at CARROLL. He takes pride in spearheading one of the best-in-class privately owned real estate groups, one that offers top-notch service and quality results- on a timely and consistent basis.

The company is able to operate with strong direction and without limitations, as it does not have to answer to any shareholders or board members. Currently, CARROLL is targeting large institutional investors from around the globe to raise capital, for the purpose of making CARROLL a sustainable mainstay in the world of real estate for the foreseeable future.

Carrol has created a team that is as dedicated and committed as himself to growing the business, this has become his method of attaining longevity in the infinitely growing markets. Carrol’s unwavering pursuit of growth is a critical quality that is sure to expand his business in the real estate industry, and other opportunities that may present themselves along the way.

Carroll says that hard work is paramount to his success, and although he doesn’t fit the mold of a typical CEO, he seeks to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs to achieve the type of success he has. His goal is to show others the taking the conventional approach is not always necessary to live out your dreams.

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