How Mark Certified is Changing in the World of Digital Marketing

The ever-evolving nature that has recently characterized the internet has brought with it the advent of Digital Marketing. It is essentially the use of the Internet to reach consumers. Digital Marketing combines various marketing efforts and advertising tactics with the ease of use bought on by an electronic device or the internet. It has grown into a massively expansive market making use of content marketing, search platforms, social media, and more.

Mark Certified is conquering this new territory. Since entering the mainstream marketing industry in 2014, he has quickly made a name for himself as an accomplished entrepreneur and a digital marketing guru. Most people don’t know that Mark has years of experience in marketing, early in his marketing development, Mark created a music news page called “Major Leaks” while he was still in college.

Later, he used this momentum to make his way through the world of marketing. He started offering marketing services to models, musicians, athletes, influencers, and more. Mark experienced quick success and has worked on various major projects for the industry’s top stars.

Slowly with time, he became more focused on the business side of the music industry. Mark established Viral Goats – Entertainment Website & Advertising Agency, which has since flourished. His objective now is to discover and manage music talent for 2021 and beyond. There is no stopping Mark. He’s been creating many major opportunities for up-and-coming artists.

He’s devoted a lot of his youth to support artist growth in the new but very competitive world of Digital Marketing and the cut-throat entertainment industry. His latest project, GHOST: Creative Management Agency, aims to link artists with industry executives, advertise and market their productions, and help them achieve their higher goals in the music industry.

Mark is known by many as “ the goat” or “the magician.” Nevertheless, Mark has been a primary resource for many of the industry’s hottest acts. Mark has helped on some huge records and has worked with some of the biggest artists in the industry. He’s been a behind the scenes component for industry marketing strategies for many years. In his early years, He was behind campaigns for the track U Guessed It By OG Maco & Brandon Thomas and various releases by artists in the Atlanta, New York, California and the MidWest hip hop scenes and abroad. He’s worked on campaigns for various major labels including Capitol Records, Atlantic Records, Interscope Records, and Universal Music Group.

He’s aided in campaigns for Lil Yachty, Jaden Smith, Keith Ape, and many more. Currently, he’s working to help up-and-coming artists receive major music industry opportunities.

Tune into Mark’s “Certified Goats” playlist on Spotify and SoundCloud. Here, he showcases various up-and-coming artists that have the potential to make huge noise in the music industry. Mark Certified, has said:

I’ve helped countless artists achieve viral success, and I want to help many more. 2021 is going to be a huge year!”

Mark has proven his wisdom in music marketing time and time again. He is truly one of the rock stars of the digital marketing scene.

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