How Matheus Oliveira Balances a Life of Fitness and Entrepreneurship

The life of an entrepreneur is never an easy one. Someone who is focused on building their own business, their own way, can expect to face a multitude of obstacles, failures, and sleepless nights.

Elon Musk once said, “If you are an entrepreneur you shouldn’t need encouragement,” in response to a fan asking what encouragement the once world’s richest man might have for upcoming business owners. The reality of being an entrepreneur can be harsh, but a chance at the American dream is well worth the risk in most business owner’s minds.

One entrepreneur who has faced this reality head on is Matheus Oliveira. Filling in duo roles as an entrepreneur and fitness coach, Matheus Oliveira has made it his mission to help as many people as he can come across.

Living life in two roles isn’t easy. Matheus Oliveira spends his day spanning multiple industries. As a fitness coach, Oliveira is in charge of creating effective training and nutrition plans to tailor to his clients’ needs. This often entails pouring a lot of energy into his clients, to keep them motivated.

Oliveira’s role in the fitness industry goes beyond just the nutrition/trainer side of things as well. He is also a fitness influencer on Instagram, amassing a huge following on the platform. He uses the platform to provide motivation and inspiration to those who support him on his fitness journey.

While the fitness side of things can already seem daunting from an outside perspective, Oliveira couples that lane with marketing. As a rep for Everyday Success Team, it’s Oliveira’s job to help his clients with whatever digital marketing needs they may have. The company offers a broad range of online services that aim to take their clients to the next level.

With one foot in fitness, and the other in digital marketing, Matheus Oliveira wants his peers to know they can be successful as well. “You can do whatever you want in this life,” said Oliveira. “Just because my passion is fitness, my content can still correlate to the nursing student who’s studying hours on end in the library trying to get accepted into his or her dream school or the recently graduated business student struggling to try and find his or her first job, or the artist who’s working overnight in the studio to turn his or her dream into reality.”

For more info on Matty Oliveira check out his Instagram below: @mattyofit

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