How Meghan Rose is Helping Women Step Out of Their Comfort Zones

No matter what stage of life you may be at, it’s normal to feel lost. Women will always be faced with unique challenges and roadblocks that prevent them from growing. But now more than ever we are seeing innumerable solutions being offered, from life coaches to spiritual exercises, yoga, and mental training. But perhaps more than anything the simple principle of women supporting women can bring the most meaningful results.

Meghan Rose is a Los Angeles-based Spiritual Advisor, an umbrella term for her specialties which include intuitive Tarot card reading, Reiki, meditation, and yoga. She hosts classes, workshops, and programs worldwide with the goal of helping ambitious women step out of their comfort zone and create their dream life. 

Spirituality has been a key part of Meghan’s life since she was young. Growing up in a conservative and rural New England, she practiced energy work and yoga from as young as 11, finding solace in the expansion they gave her within the confinement of a small town.

After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management and Business Development, she left behind everything she knew and booked a one-way ticket to Los Angeles after feeling called to start studying alternative healing and energy work as a career path.

She lives by the lessons she passes on to other women, “We are not in control of the ‘how’ or ‘when’ of life, and that’s what makes life all the more magical. The real change happens when we integrate self-awareness as a daily practice. And simply put: It’s not about growing to reach a goal, growth is a life-long journey.”

When working with her mentees, Meghan helps them look at their lives from an objective viewpoint, dealing with any energetic blockages that may arise during the process. She provides comfort and support, lovingly holding their hand throughout the journey. She also helps women to strip away any limiting beliefs or self-doubt that they may have about themselves, to ensure they’re stepping into the fullest purpose that life has given them. She explained, “I am as confident in my ability to connect and bring light to thought-leaders, celebrities, and influencers as I am with the world’s people as a whole. We are not defined by our bodies, our jobs, or our upbringing – but we are all capable of reaching happier, more vibrant heights

Working with celebrities like Emily Sears and Kelly Rutherford, there is no threshold to fame or success that removes the need for spiritual advice and support.

At the heart of her work is a deep commitment to authenticity, acceptance, self-love, and help bring a sense of alignment to every client. Many women have the potential and desire inside of them to break out of the limits they’ve put upon themselves, but sometimes it requires the help of someone who knows how to do just this, and who wants it for you just as much you do. That’s where Meghan’s work comes in, one reading at a time. Follow her on Instagram.

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