How Michael and David Ligon Became the Flip Kings of Miami Real Estate

The Ligon Brothers; award-winning real estate coaches, investors, authors & creators of LYNK Wholesaling

When it comes to Miami real estate, two distinct names come to mind, Michael and David Ligon. These brothers, collectively referred to as The Ligon Brothers, are Miami’s hottest real estate investors. With over fifteen years of house flipping and real estate investing experience, these two gurus have made their mark in South Florida real estate. The Ligon Brothers have now focused on teaching others how to find financial freedom through real estate investing.  They’re the creators of a new unique method for wholesaling real estate called LYNK Wholesaling.

What is Traditional Wholesaling?

With traditional wholesaling, an investor looks for a motivated seller and attempts to get their property under contract for purchase. If they successfully get the property under contract, the wholesaler then tries to find a cash buyer to sell the property to. A wholesaler’s goal is not to actually buy the property but to flip the contract to someone that will close on the deal. When this is done properly, the wholesaler makes a profit as the middleman.

The issue with traditional wholesaling is you need properties to sell them. It can become very costly to search for motivated sellers. To find sellers, most wholesalers create some marketing campaigns. For instance, they may send out mass mailers, place ads online or buy bus bench ads that say “we buy houses.” As with all marketing, these techniques all cost money. Because of the costs associated with traditional wholesaling, many individuals cannot attempt their hand at becoming an investor. This is where the Ligon Brothers saw a problem and fixed it with their LYNK system.

What is LYNK Wholesaling?

 LYNK Wholesaling is a unique wholesaling real estate method that allows anyone to begin their journey to become a real estate investor. You don’t need any money, credit, or experience to LYNK your first deal. This method is often referred to as the “Amazon of real estate investing.” When Amazon first started its company, it didn’t have any inventory of its own. They would use other people’s inventory and sell those products to interested buyers. The Ligon Brother modeled that concept with what they call the “Amazon money model.”

Their system starts with other investor’s inventory. So instead of spending thousands of dollars in marketing, you can tap into the existing successful framework and connect traditional wholesalers with end buyers for their deals. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

As a traditional wholesaler, your number one goal is to sell deals; as detailed earlier, it costs money to acquire these properties, so you need to sell them when you get one. As the LYNK wholesaler, you assist the Wholesaler in selling their deals and profit as the middleman without spending a dime on marketing. This new method allows anyone a chance to start their real estate investing career. It’s the stepping stone the Ligon Brothers used to build a real estate empire.

The best place to start is with LYNK,” says Michael Ligon. “Start LYNKing deals, and then you can work your way up to traditional wholesaling after you have a few marketing dollars. Then once you’ve wholesaled for a while, you can work your way into fix-n-flips and rentals. That’s the simplest blueprint to success! If we did it, so can you.

To find out more about the Ligon Brothers and their award-winning coaching programs, visit the Ligon Brothers online and follow them on social media @LigonBrothers.


Written by Jacob M

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