How Miki Mitrev Reached 100k Instagram Followers Without Spending a Dollar

In this day and age, a strong social media presence is essential for the success of your business. It not only helps you connect with your target audience but also expands your reach to drive more sales. However, creating, managing, and growing any social media account is daunting, and it takes significant time and resources to make it work. So how did Miki Mitrev gain over 100K followers in less than a year? The celebrated social media service provider and YouTube creator shares tips to help you grow your Instagram account without spending a dollar.

According to Miki Mitrev, it starts with establishing your target audience. Miki explains that for you to have engagement and drive sales, you must ensure that your followers relate to your content and are deeply interested. This will help you bring in more clients as there are greater chances that their friends will love similar content.

Miki points out the importance of consistency in your posting and overall brand image. When Miki first joined the digital space, he invested his time growing his account and understanding the market. He notes that posting regularly and interacting with the audience helped him attract more followers. Miki networked with others in the industry, especially with popular Instagram pages and entrepreneurs, giving them value and creating content for them in exchange to post promotion content for himself, increasing his visibility.

The goal is to gain real followers who interact with your content and understand it, says Miki. This means you have to be active in the comment section and reply to all, even those that are negative, especially if you are an entrepreneur. Miki says that failing to address some of these comments may taint your brand image and break the trust between you and your audience.

To help brands and businesses develop effective marketing strategies and grow their reach, Miki now shares tips and lessons learned on his Instagram and YouTube platforms. He also posts content on NFT and cryptocurrency.

“Success is all about taking that extra step, stepping out of your comfort zone and giving it your all,” says Miki. He adds that to create the future you want, you must be ready and willing to fight for it. Just because you do not see the results you want after three months doesn’t mean you should give up. Sometimes it takes two years or more to get that breakthrough you need to change your life, says Miki.

Before joining the digital space, Miki was struggling financially. He was dealing with mental health issues, and almost everything he tried was not working in his favor. But he did not give up. Instead, he put more effort into addressing the challenges, and he has been able to escape the rat race by not having to depend on the 9-5 jobs. Miki has been able to connect with big Instagram pages offering them value, and had a six-figure blog website in six months.

Leading by example, Miki shows others how to increase their following without spending a dollar. He says his goal is to help others join the digital space and make a living from it like he is doing. He also wants to assist businesses scale their venture and increase their online visibility.

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