How Millennial Entrepreneur Ahmed Alomari Grew $15k to Over $7M in 6 Years, Investing and Building Online Businesses from Home

generating over $7,000,000 from home while being a full-time husband and father of SIX kids with his wife, Nancy.

It was January 2012 when Ahmed Alomari was driving in a foot of snow, struggling to finish the last of 3 pizza deliveries he had to end his 15-hour shift. His wife Nancy was pregnant, expecting their first child. Ahmed got the call that they ran out of oil and there was no heat in the house. Their debit card had an overdraft and the oil company refused to service them without payment. “How did you do tonight, honey?” Nancy asked. 

Ahmed replied, “I just got tipped $2 dollars on my last delivery and made about $80 on the day.” 

“Are we going to have enough to cover the oil delivery tomorrow?” Nancy asked. 

“No, but don’t worry. I’ll figure something out,” Ahmed replied. 

 Sometimes, when the odds are stacked against you, the REAL you comes out. “Pressure makes diamonds,” serial entrepreneur and business coach Ahmed Alomari says. Avoiding the pitfalls of the streets of Detroit, Michigan, and cutting negative people out of his life early on was key to his success. “I heavily invested in education and finding mentors. People underestimate how having an abundant mindset plays a major role in your success. You are also the company that you keep. You want to climb that mountain to become a millionaire then you need to cut all the negativity and deadweight out of your life. You need to surround yourself with smarter and more successful people than yourself and become a student of the game. Don’t tell me how bad you want it. SHOW ME,” Ahmed says. 

Ahmed Alomari, or G Money, as he is popularly called, is a highly sought-after social marketing expert, business consultant, educator, and investor. He has positioned himself as being different from other “business gurus” out there by actually delivering results for his students and clients. Over the past 6 years getting into the business world, he has successfully built four 7-figure online businesses, generating over $7,000,000 from home while being a full-time husband and father of SIX kids with his wife, Nancy.

That cold night in 2012 is a night that Ahmed will never forget. It was that “back against the wall” turning moment that made him who he is. Ahmed is big on escaping the “I’m the victim” mentality and coaching his business students to take action or taking their business elsewhere. You don’t go from poverty to making $7 million dollars by making excuses and having bad habits. Today Ahmed wants to share the primary key to his success. 

The Primary Key to Ahmed’s Success 

Ahmed breaks it down in a very simple way: “I often think of the result and the benefits clients want rather than my financial desires or the products or services that I’m looking to sell. When you genuinely focus on your clients’ needs and desires and become a problem solver for them, your business increases exponentially. The turning point in my business was when I learned that I was in the business of fulfilling needs. When you think in terms of fulfilling needs, you become much more deeply connected to the mindset of your readers, subscribers, and market. When you understand their problems on a deeper level, you can with confidence really make sure to give them what they need. Then the money takes care of itself.”

Ahmed currently works as a trusted advisor/consultant for many high-profile celebrities, publicly-traded companies, and through his education service “Anything’s Possible LLC,” he is a mentor and wealth coach to beginners and elite coaches alike, selling their products and services online. 

He is most popularly known for teaching people how to make money in the stock market and for building one of the world’s biggest social media influencer networks on Facebook and selling it to former MySpace executives in 2016. Ahmed built assets, including celebrity contracts, an Alexa 5,000 top website that produced 45 million unique visits and 120 million page views per month. He did this all from home with a team of 4 employees, and the craziest fact of all is, when he started his business, he didn’t even have a FB account! It just shows you where there is a will, there’s away. Get inspired, have courage, and dare to be great. Ahmed’s professional life is now dedicated to educating others on how to improve financial health, business, and situations. It’s fitting we end this article with the name of his business: Anything’s Possible!


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.

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