How Much Does it Cost to Print 1 Page With Your Printer?

If you own a printer, the calculation of cost per page is important. Or else, you will end up spending too much!

And, no one likes to spend their money on silly expenses. So, in this piece of information, we will see how much it costs to print one page with your printer, the formula of cost per page, and much more.

In addition to it, some tricks to save resources and avoid unwanted printing materials!

What is the formula to count Cost per Page?          

Cartridge Price / Page Yield + Paper Cost= Cost Per Page

You might be thinking, why is it advisable to calculate Cost per Page

It’s necessary because-

‘If you are given the responsibility of managing office supplies and print budget, you should know how much it prices to print one page on your office printer.’

It’s not easy to maintain printing costs! If not monitored properly, it will mislead the cost and finally might get costlier than expected.

The cost of a printer and cartridge can mislead you, and it never confirms real printing costs. The cheaper the machine and cartridge you buy, ultimately, it will affect your budget.

We suggest you should go for a well-reviewed printer and cartridge. It will help you to the most appropriate approximation of the printing budget that you are managing.

Cost per page will tell you the approximate cost to print a page. You can keep an eye on the number of pages that are printed in one day and calculate the cost it will create in 1 month or any period.

The formula (Cartridge Price / Page Yield + Paper Cost= Cost per Page) consists of following elements.

Cartridge Price

The cost of replacing a cartridge is the highest. Buying it for the first time and fixing it inside the printer is negligible.

But replacing it is the main trouble creator. You have to count it while calculating the cost per page.

Page Yield

Page yield is nothing but the number of pages your printer is able to produce before replacing the cartridge.

Cartridge replacement (ink and toner both) comes into page yield rates. Usually, the box of cartridge or toner consists the information about the page yield at the dorsal side.

Samsung toner displays around 1000 page yield. While Brother Toner box displays a 3500-page yield. Some boxes do not display information. For instance, HP toner doesn’t carry information on the box.

But you can find about the page yield of HP toner from its official website.

How much does it cost to print 1 Page on Printer?

The average cost per page in India is around 8-10 paise for black and white print and around 20-25 paise for colored print.

While if we consider the cost in dollars or cents, it is 5-8 cents for black and white print while 12-15 cents for colored printout.

Ultimately the cost is less. But that doesn’t mean we should waste papers by printing out what is not useful.

Always think whether the information or the printout that you are printing. Is it really necessary? If the tip of your decision turn to NOT NECESSARY, avoid taking print.

The cost is less, but still, it is not ZERO. Even the papers are not free. A tree has to sacrifice its life to give papers to the world. Not only papers but many demands of the world are fulfilled by the tree.

Hence, we can say: SAVE TREES SAVE THE PLANET!

Also, sometimes due to over usage of the printer, the machine may suffer from disfunctioning. To avoid it, use the printer only when necessary.

Now, the question that arises is- ‘Is it affordable to have a printer at home?’

Let’s solve this doubt first!

Getting Printer at Home, is your decision worth it?

The below-given options are worth for buying a printer at home:

  • If you own a business where you have to send printed documents anytime from anywhere.
  • If you have more than enough paper and printing work all the time.
  • If you have a creative nature and like to decorate your house or colorful decorative prints, you can give it a shot.
  • Lastly, if you don’t care about the cost and can afford anything, no one can stop you from buying a printer! But do remember, do not waste papers!

These are some reasons to buy and now let’s see what the reasons are of not to buy a printer for home:

  • If you are going to use it only for printing images for projects.
  • Do not buy a printer for your home until you need around 1000 color copies!
  • If the printing list is small, prefer going to a printing shop. It will be cost-effective.

In short, you are smart enough in managing costs. Hence, you know whether you should buy the printer for your home or not!

Best Printers for HOME!

In case there arises a need to buy a printer for your home, here are some top picks from the heap of different printers.

You can pick any of these options and enjoy its services like a king!

  • HP 410
  • HP M126nw
  • HP LaserJet M1136
  • EPSON L 3150
  • CANON G3000
  • BROTHER HL-2321D
  • CANON E4270

These are some premium but best quality printers available in the market. There are many other options available at lower cost, but you might have to compromise with the quality.

Concluding thoughts

At last, we would like to hear from you that whether you enjoyed our article or not. If anything is left unexplained, please ask for it in the comment section. We will be fortunate to guide you with the solution! Happy reading!

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