How Much YouTube Pays For 1 Million Views in 2022?

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So, you are watching your favourite YouTube show and wonder why the entire family is possessed into filming and shooting it? Or let’s say you’ve already heard of the lucrative amounts of money that popular YouTubers like T-Series and Cocomelon are making?

Or is it the local language Aayu and Pihu show, that is driving the young kids crazy! Well, it is nothing masked now in 2022, that successful YouTubers make handsome amounts of profits from their YouTube channels, as much as that it is way over to suffice a full-time career, in fact way beyond it; and anyone from anywhere can do this – there is no language, age, sex, education, culture or any bar for that matter. But is it that easy?

Honestly no and yes. “No” initially when a new YouTuber is trying to get more views and subscribers and, “Yes” later when the channel is quite developed and followed by a lot of people. However, as they say well begun is half done.

This is the reason why many new YouTubers begin with the popular practice of Buy YouTube Views initially, to boost their channel rather than wait in the queue for years and years before they become organically popular. Money saved is money earned after all!

How to Earn Money on YouTube in India?

As common as it may seem, it is almost every day that you see people hosting new channels on YouTube. However, if you are to do that as a newbie, we are sure that you are unsure of the process and might have many questions in the interim.

First and foremost, remember that when you are watching or liking or saving or subscribing to some video on YouTube, it is just being indulged into entertainment and research, you do not have any online presence of your own; you are only doing all/any of these activities for other peoples’ channels. If you want to create a space of your own, either for popularity or for money-making, you need to have a channel of your own and then one or more playlists inside that channel.

  • Create a Google account.
  • Sign in to YouTube with the Google account.
  • Click on your profile picture icon on the YouTube Homepage, and go to “Create Channel”.
  • This is where you’ll be asked to create a channel.
  • There is an option to connect your Channel to your Brand Account or use a new channel.
  • Next, whether a brand account or your personal channel, fill out the details and click create.
  • Now you must add a channel manager, which must be chosen and then rights given very carefully. You can have more than one owner at a time for your channel.
  • Start uploading videos and publishing them to make them public so that audience can start viewing them.
  • It is good to promote your videos on all other social media platforms that you are active on so that you gain some initial presence and popularity in some cases too.

How Does YouTube Pay? Are You Already Earning?

For those who are new to this endeavour, remember that you need to fulfil 4 pre-requisites before you start earning anything.

  • You need to have at least 4000 watch hours within a 12 months window to be eligible as one of the criteria.
  • Next, you must also have at least 1000 subscribers, for which you must reach all your relatives and friends, dive back into your family tree and see what you can get!
  • You must have an ideal number of views, for which you can use the Buy YouTube Views option, as this is trending in 2022.
  • You must follow YouTube norms, terms of service, and advertiser-friendly content rules.

Now you can start monetizing by

  • You can monetize your YouTube channel via advertising revenue, channel memberships, super chats and super stickers, and YouTube Premium Revenue if you follow the above 4 rules.
  • You just don’t post and start earning, you have to set your monetize settings accordingly. You can have a linked AdSense account if you are 18 years or above.
  • YouTube keeps 45% of the income and gives 55% share to you from Google Ads, and you are expected to follow their norms.
  • You can also earn via fan funding, where fans pay a monthly fee after subscribing to your channel and in return, they get exclusive access to badges, emojis, special videos, live chats, and other content/early content. Of course, you are responsible to provide them with such stuff.
  • Cheque or direct bank account payments are ways to get paid for whatever YouTube earnings that you accumulate.
  • Create rich and user-appropriate engaging content, which is one of the best and most successful ways of reaching up the ladder on YouTube.

What Do You Earn at a 1 Million Views?

YouTube pays differently to different channel partners. Not that the policies are different, however, the policy is such that the net payout depends upon a number of factors like where you get your clicks from, how long has your channel been viewed, and are you earning via advertisements on the channel too, are you a member of the YouTube Partner Program or not, what is the niche of the channel, all of this affects the earning that you make via YouTube.

Once you hit the 1 million mark, you can also indulge with sponsors and partners who pay you to promote their brand on your channel. So, besides YouTube, there shall be many influencing factors that decide what you earn at a 1 million views mark. On average, in India, you’ll earn about INR 7000 to INR 30,000 ($100 to $400) from 1 million views on your video alone, besides whatever else you can make from advertisements and sponsorships.

Note that there are only a few YouTubers who click with the right audience from day 1, for the rest, it takes a lot of effort to come into the limelight and start earning; they need to indulge into things like paid promotions of their channel and Buy YouTube Views etc.

How to Promote YouTube Videos: “Buy YouTube Views”?

The YouTube Video hosting platform has never looked back since its launch in 2009. Everyone from video editors to content writers to digital marketers has been trying to tame the game, to get it right, to promote the channels of their clients to an extent where they earn millions and billions.

Many of us have tried bots, which are automated robots that keep on clicking on our channels based on particular algorithms, but Google, well, who can beat it! Bots were a big craze just a couple of years back, and now they’ve lost all fade as Google once tends to detect this activity and ban such channels.

However, the fake view economy, as it is technically called is still thriving, it is like a one-to-one never-ending struggle. YouTubers come out with ways to make their purchased views look organic, they do so for some time, Google detects such activity and updates its algorithms, the channel makers again try for something harder to crack, Google again does it and the battle goes on and on and on.

For example, YouTube tried to track down IPs from where views came, when they came and were they related to related channels, however, now fake view providing companies have updated their bots to keep on springing from changing IPs and related genres.

As a result, it still appears normal and reliable when some random person watches that channel. The net result, YouTube has only made it more difficult for the general public to see the effect of fake views, and everything seems legitimate at the forefront.

It is like views are the currency of YouTube. More views translate into better user search results, in turn, better airtimes and more advertisement and sponsorship offers, and in turn more profits. Not only this, as a layman if someone scrolls through 10 YouTube channels in a single niche say some cooking channels, they’re likely to hit and watch someone with the highest number of viewers as it counts for a natural authenticity.

An avalanche effect in turn. And this is why many channel owners are forcing themselves into paid views, to accelerate the process in the beginning from where it then kickstarts by itself, especially when the views are so readily available for purchase and at such cheap rates like about 1 to 10 INR per view on an average.

So even if someone buys 1000 such views, they are spending only 1000 INR, only about 15 USD, can any other investment be as meagre as this one!

Where to Buy YouTube Views?

Now if you’ve decided to buy YouTube views, the next tricky question is where to buy YouTube views from? The number of businesses that offer paid services to buy YouTube views from in 2022 has also grown the same as the YouTube channel making popularity.

Every Tom, Dick and Hary is indulging into trying to make a YouTube channel as it is an almost zero investment venture and appears quite alluring in terms of profits. However, once they enter is when they realize how difficult it is to even get the first 100 views. And then they look for options to buy YouTube views and pose them as organic views.

In turn, this market that offers paid YouTube views has grown at an expeditious rate in the last decade alone. Now as it flows, many of them are fraudulent players, while only some are genuine service providers for YouTube views. Therefore, it is always a good practice to find the best reputed and the most reliable vendor when opting to buy YouTube views.

How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View?

Though you need to clear the above criterion that is mentioned to start monetizing your money, remember that YouTube pays only if the viewers watch the ad for at least 30 seconds, or half the time if the ad is short. And what ad is displayed is usually luck for you as Adsense controls that and you cannot. So, if good interesting ads are displayed and most of your viewers are hooked on them, you can expect somewhere between $.003 and $.005 per view on YouTube.

Are YouTube Earnings Taxable in India?

Yes, like any other business earnings, profits from their business isthe head where you pay the tax when your gross income exceeds the free limit. For most successful YouTubers, the income from YouTube is quite a huge amount so you are liable to pay tax. TDS also applies to YouTube payments. Once your turnover exceeds 20 lakh, you’ll also be liable for GST.

How Much Money Do YouTubers Make in India?

There is no end to how much money can a YouTuber make in India, as already, YouTube has about 435 million monthly active users. Covid 19 has been helpful in increasing the popularity of YouTube, inturn your views and consequently your income if you have some YouTube channel. However, remember that not everybody is making money out of YouTube.

The initial threshold to start earning is quite rough, and very few channel makers cross those pre-requisites where they can start making money. It is like an exponential curve, that moves very slowly in the beginning and then picks up rapidly. But this makes many of our Indian channel makers quit after some time.

On average, in India, one can earn about 200-500 INR for the first 10K views, 2000 to 5000 INR for reaching the 1 lakh view mark, 7000-30000 INR at the 1 million view mark, and 150000 to 600000 INR for the 150 million mark. T-Series crossed the 100 million mark in 2019, however, it is very difficult target to achieve.

YouTube Earnings by Channel Category in India

As is true for other countries, YouTube earnings vary as per the niche of your channel. Below is an estimate for 1 million video views for a channel creator in India.

Channel Earnings

Earnings (Approx )


22,000- 30,000


7,000 – 11,000


14,000 – 22,000


18,000 – 29,000


7,000- 11,000


7,000- 14,000

YouTube Partner Program

YouTube Partner Program is something that gives the channel creators more access to YouTube resources and monetization features. Next, it also lets advertisements be displayed on your content, so you can share and earn on them.

Eligibility Criterion for YPP

1. Follow all the YouTube channel monetization policies.

· The YouTube channel monetization policies are a collection of policies that allow you to monetize on YouTube. As a YouTube partner, your agreements, including the YouTube channel monetization policies require compliance with these monetization policies to potentially earn money on YouTube.

2. You must live in a country/region where the YouTube Partner Program is available.

3. You must not have active Community Guidelines strikes on your channel.

4. You must have more than 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months.

5. You must have more than 1,000 subscribers.

6. You must have a linked AdSense account.

Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

Affiliate marketing is another way to make money on YouTube. There is a “Description” field beneath the video where you can add an affiliate link or you can embed them in the video too with the help of annotations.

Then it works the same as any other affiliate marketing platform, as soon as someone clicks on the link and reaches the target landing page, you earn yourself credit in terms of commission.

YouTube Sponsorships

YouTube Sponsorships fall in automatically once your channel becomes popular. You’ll be amazed by the number of businesses that will contact you to promote them directly or indirectly in your videos and they pay you as per agreements.

Especially if you are in some specified niche and not producing generalized content, you’ll have a lot of people contacting you to promote their business units. There is no fixed rate set by YouTube that you can charge your client, so there is no end to the amount of money you can make from Sponsorships if you know how to do it the right way.


Always remembers that there was a time when the YouTube market was raw and welcoming to almost anyone. You just needed to have engaging content and publish it in the right playlist. However, today, the market is pretty saturated and is full of cutthroat competition.

So, buying YouTube views is what everyone is doing besides other promotional activities, and it is not a bad idea if you do it carefully for the initial phase.

YouTube money is easy and fast money if you’ve got real talent. Remember that YouTube has designed a system that is very difficult to fake, the only thing you can do initially for a good boost is buying YouTube views, really there is nothing more you can do besides this, apart from creating user-friendly, original and engaging content.

Whether or not it will click with the audience, only time tells as the audience to has become quite unpredictable, nevertheless, it is a good way of trying if you are thinking of becoming rich overnight!

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