How MusicDigi Is Simplifying Global Distribution for Artists and Their Music

For many new artists trying to break through onto the music scene, the advent of streaming and online music distributors has made this more accessible than ever before. While these artists may not get rich straight away, they will be able to have a significant say over how their tracks are distributed globally. This simplification is vital for the industry and allows emerging new talent to thrive.

More Revenue for Artists

MusicDigi tries to make it easy for new and emerging artists to sell their music online across a range of global stores, including Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes. This massive platform allows an artist to upload their music, complete with art sleeve and details as well as track listings if uploading an album, and the music is sent to online streaming outlets in under seventy-two hours.

Every time a track is downloaded, the artist receives a royalty. Any money that an artist makes goes straight into their MusicDigi account ready for the artist to withdraw as and when they want. With MusicDigi, artists can feel safe in the knowledge that they retain 100% of the rights to their music and they can track sales data for all of their releases so they can see how their tracks are performing across streaming outlets.


Unlike other sites, MusicDigi takes only 9% out of the royalties that artists make. This makes for a transparent pricing plan, and there are no hidden extras to pay. For this price, an artist can expect access to all big-name music distributing outlets online, full control over pricing, playlist pitching, Youtube access, and Spotify windowing. This is an excellent option for those artists that want to generate a buzz about an upcoming release, making it available exclusively to Spotify Premium members for a limited time. MusicDigi also helps individuals compete with larger, more established artists.

MusicDigi is 100% independent and will always place their artists’ interests at the forefront of any business decisions that they make. They endeavor to create a level playing field for all and go out of their way to ensure access to over 150 music release outlets across 100 countries across the globe. This enables every artist to reach out globally to their potential fans. They have dedicated support teams across the United Kingdom, the United States, and Europe, meaning that, no matter where an artist is based, they have support should they need it.

Never before has it been so easy to distribute music. However, more important than this is MusicDigi’s quest to ensure that it is the artists who have full control over the release of their music. MusicDigi themselves say that their mission is simple: to elevate your music to where it needs to be.

“My goal since founding MusicDigi has been to help independent musicians enjoy success without the need for a record label deal. We’ve experienced incredible growth and are deeply honored to serve every musician who has chosen MusicDigi to be a part of their journey,” says William Alfred, Founder and CEO MusicDigi.

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