How Nancy Hernandez Has Become a Successful Businesswoman Through Social Media

A substantial part of the world of social media is all about showing off the glitz and glam of one’s lifestyle. Every photo or video you see when scrolling down your Instagram feed is perfectly curated and edited, gorgeous models are posing flawlessly, and personal businesses are thriving. It all looks so effortless, but the reality of things is much different than one would assume.

The content you see on your screen oftentimes doesn’t tell the full story. It doesn’t show the hours, days, and even years of hard work that an individual puts into curating that perfect social media profile and brand.

This is something prominent influencer Nancy Hernandez knows all too well. While she accidentally stumbled upon becoming an influencer thanks to a viral video she posted back in 2017, Nancy has worked relentlessly for the past four years to further build up her following and continue expanding her business. Today, Nancy has 1.6 million followers, as well as hundreds of thousands of followers across various social media platforms such as YouTube.

Below, Nancy breaks down the three most essential components she believes every social media entrepreneur needs to have in order to be successful.

Having and Maintaining the Right Mindset

Nancy says that whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’ve already made it big in the social media industry, mindset is everything to both becoming successful and maintaining that success long-term. She encourages anyone who dreams of being a model or influencer to have a positive, goal-oriented mindset, no matter what.

“People are always going to try to put you down,” says the model. “Things are going to happen in life that can get you distracted; however, you have to remember business comes first. You have to set goals and you have to stick to them. You have to work on your business everyday.  You have to enjoy it. You have to love it!”

Surround Yourself With the Right People

Nancy strongly believes that creating a team is very important for a business.  “A business requires so much time and there is only so much one person can do,” she says. “Regardless of the business type, time has to be used in an efficient manner.  A team is a must if you really want to grow.”

Nancy suggests that it’s important to delegate duties so that no one person will become overwhelmed. When hiring anyone, Nancy looks for someone who is responsible, can collaborate with others, can give advice but also receives advice when needed, is positive, and of course, someone who is an expert in what they do – be it a makeup artist, hair stylist, designer, photographer, videographer, or accountant.

Differentiate Yourself From the Masses

When first starting out in social media, you might feel pressured to follow the crowd and replicate whatever it is other influencers and models are doing; however, this will never help you actually stand out to build your own signature brand. Nancy is loved by her audience because she never tries to be anything but herself.

She’s a mother of two, a proud Latina, and a curvy woman who doesn’t fit into the typical mold of what a “model” should like. “Don’t compare yourself to anyone,” says Nancy. “Ignore the hate and the copycats, keep going, and never stop.”

Readers can keep up with Nancy Hernandez on her Instagram and YouTube channel.

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