How Nicole Gibson is Sparking Change in Humanity, Creating a World With Less Suffering

Nicole Gibson is a modern-day mystic who sees love in all things. She knows that love is the bridge between us and all things, and until we are connected to the frequency of the answer, we will always remain in the problem no matter how much effort is outlayed. She sees herself as an unstoppable messenger of love and human potential.

As the founder of social movement Love Out Loud, and The Global Unity Summit – a virtual summit running from 6-8 November 2020, her mission is to gain collective participation in conversations that offers new possibilities and visions; leading with love.

A social movement aimed towards uplifting humanity into love and compassion

The target with The Global Unity Summit is to have a collective impact on over 10 million people, featuring over 30 different speakers from around the globe.

Love Out Loud is a social movement with a mission to hit a critical mass of humans living in love (4% of a global population), to shift this way of love from “counterculture” to a mainstream way of relating. To shift humanity from a paradigm of fear, into one of love and compassion.

“At 18 I founded a charitable organization that worked in Mental Health, albeit very unconventional. I had an insatiable curiosity around how we existed within our culturescapes and why it seemed so difficult for people to “break free” and truly express themselves. I saw how the conditions placed upon us growing up, became prisons of identification and belief system through our lives, and recognised that the epidemic of stress, anxiety and loneliness was far less about a biological predisposition and far more to do with how we were living our lives and spending our attention. 

The visionary in me dared to speak to a powerful possibility; what if we could change the frame of how we live? What if suffering was optional? What if we could be truly seen and heard for who we are? What impact would this have on the state of the world?”


Humanity has come to a point where we must begin to ask ourselves deeper questions

As it can be tempting to get caught down the rabbit hole of unspoken truths, Nicole bought herself back to these 3 fundamental questions:

  • Is there true harmony on the planet?
  • Are our systems built from the intention of equanimity, solidary and equal access? 
  • Are leaders leading with transparency, accountability and integrity? 

“For the most part, we still have a very long way to go. This is what I know for sure; systems are built perfectly to create the outcomes they are creating. The system isn’t ‘broken’, it was designed perfectly to create the landscape and economy we’re currently existing in. The more important question is; how can we rethink this? How can we build systems that cater for all of life, in love and compassion?”


Humans are exponentially intelligent

After 8 years of complex community development work, where Nicole challenged the status quo and invited communities into new, collective visions and values, she began to see that her theories were effective and actionable. Communities that were having a radical transformation simply by coming together and seeing beyond difference, she recognised that this could be possible on a global scale.

“Humans are exponentially intelligent. All problems have a solution, we just need to be brave enough to start asking the right questions.”

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