How Nova Space is Helping People Join the $446 Billion Space Industry

Nova Space

The space industry is taking off – if you’ll excuse the pun – and literally hundreds of thousands of people are looking to get in on the action. It’s not just about sending payloads into orbit anymore. Now, there are countless startups and entrepreneurs developing revolutionary space-based business concepts that are going to change the world. 

But there’s a problem: The space industry doesn’t have enough people. There are more open positions than there are workers to fill them.

Nova Space wants to change this. The educational organization is now holding space courses that offer flexible learning and standardized knowledge that applies across the entire sector. The goal is to give young people the skills and certifications they need to join the industry and benefit from its exciting future. 

Nova Space Courses

Nova Space’s “training for space” is the product of more than 50 years of combined space industry experience among its founding members. The goal is to give students “foundational depth” in space-related matters – a kind of master educational template that will give young people all the knowledge they need to move their careers forward.

During Nova Space’s professional development course, students learn about the various mission areas for spacecraft and space launch systems.

According to the organization, they “gain a firm understanding of relevant concepts, including spacecraft systems, launch, remote sensing, communications, and environmental monitoring.” The goal of the initiative is to give young people the practical skills and instinctive knowledge they need to add value in their future space-based careers. 

What’s great about the course is that it’s tailored to students’ level. Novice, intermediate, and advanced participants can all benefit. Nova Space’s message is clear: You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or aerospace engineer to enter the space industry.

The organization hopes that the new expertise will improve candidates’ prospects. It believes that by taking its courses, individuals can “stand out in the job market” and “take the next step in their career.” 

Nova Space is keen to put space in context. Students learn the history of orbital flights, the technological barriers that organizations like NASA and countries like the USSR faced during the early missions, and why the economics of space didn’t really work in the past. 

What Does the Course Include?

Because Nova Space tailors courses to individuals, participants essentially get what they need. There are opportunities to learn virtually anything, from the importance of space to the future of humanity to how orbits work. 

Nova Space courses also discuss engineering and technical matters, such as launch and re-entry and space mission areas. Students won’t have to delve into the complex dynamics of orbital mechanics and space maneuvers, but they will need to understand the basic principles governing space flight.

Because courses are online, they facilitate individualized learning. Students can proceed at their own pace and then pause, rewind, and go over the subject matter again. 

The courses also focus on delivering so-called “standardized knowledge.” The idea here is to harmonize courses with the rest of the industry, improving student learning and the interoperability of their newfound skills. 

The asynchronous learning component helps too. Students, Nova Space says, can access its curriculum anywhere, anytime. They don’t have to accept or put up with the limits that traditionally accompany in-person learning. 

Nova Is Targeting Young People

Nova Space’s push into academia is notable. The organization believes that there will be a tremendous increase in job opportunities in the sector in the future, so it wants to move now to support current and developing space-career professionals. Courses, it says, meet all industry and government requirements, and students can earn certification online. 

The push for more space education is the brainchild of the organization’s CEO and president, Joseph Horvath. Joseph has more than two decades of experience in the astronautics and space arena and worked extensively with the DoD in the past, focusing on professional development, training, exercising, and new concepts. His goal is to support the ongoing expansion of the space industry with an industry-leading digital learning platform. 

Today, Nova Space’s course is required more than ever. The global space industry is now worth a staggering $446.9 billion, and conservative estimates suggest that it might grow by 50 percent by 2040. For this reason, there is a clear need for fresh talent, and that’s what Nova Space is offering.

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