How Officially GP is Running the Music Industry

Officially GP’s store Red Karpet, as the name suggests, has everything to with red carpets. It is a clothing store and a studio owned by Officially GP and the prolific producer, 4matik hitmaker. It is a clothing store to make anyone in the store’s wear feel extremely elegant as soon as they set foot inside an all-star event with a wide range of clothing and some of Red Karpet’s hottest artists.

The Productive Founders

Officially GP was raised in the east of Cleveland and is, therefore, no stranger to struggles and hard work. He dates his love for music 15 years back, where he watched his cousin and his long-time friend Ray Cash perform. He grew up idolizing different hip-hop artists. He now makes music taking unique qualities from numerous artists such as Master P, Jay Z, Pimp C, Ice Cube, and implementing them in his talents, making him a power bloc.

He is not only an artist but also a remarkable actor, model, and entrepreneur. In all his undertakings, he pushes quality and authenticity. He has immense capabilities and passion for what he does, which affirms his pursuits.

His whole career took a turn when he partnered with his friend of 25 years, 4matik Hitmaker. 4matik is not only the co-founder of Red Karpet but also a sound engineer and producer. He further produces killer beats and music for the Red Karpet artists. The two make the store formidable with their consummate skillsets.

A Strong Brand

Officially GP and his co-founder dedicated their all to building the brand. It felt like a lifetime in the making, but they fully authenticated the organization all in a year. The firm is recognized for its personalized leggings, hoodies, t-shirts, and shoes/slides. The multi-dollar billion state-of-the-art studios are to die for, which has become a home for various artists.

Creating a brand is essential for people to recognize your value. People need to identify with your brand due to your uniqueness, and that is the #1 marketing strategy for any business. When people identify with your individuality, it is easy to grow your market share. The organization is now dominating the Cleveland fashion and music industries due to its impeccable brand.


The firm continues its legacy in making people feel in the clothes of Red Karpet and artists confident about making it in international scenes. There are plans to expand the store in Phoenix and Las Vegas and make it a franchise within three years. Officially GP is one in the making with diverse talent.

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