How one Attorney, Gohar ABELIAN, Manages to do so Much for the People

It’s industry standard for most attorneys to have their hands full. For example, they’re often working with dozens of clients, gathering information to support claims, keeping the line of communication open, and doing anything possible to reach a favorable outcome for those clients.

However, one professional attorney, Gohar Abelian, makes multitasking look easy. Not only is she providing legal services to clients with a primary focus on personal injury, contracts/trademarks, but she’s also working as a professor at a law school to help students, teaching tort law and how to pass the bar exam.

“I’ve always had a passion for helping others, which has allowed me to have success with my firm, the Abelian Law Firm. In addition to handling personal injury cases, I’ve since expanded my work on social justice because I believe in helping those within my community,” shared Abelian.

“As a young girl, I didn’t think much about being a minority because I lived in a diverse area. However, I’ve quickly realized what it’s like to be a minority and a woman in America, and it isn’t always easy. It’s the drive behind my passion for social justice. I want to make sure minorities receive the representation they need when dealing with various legal situations.”

As an advocate for human rights and women empowerment, Gohar Abelian goes above and beyond to exceed the expectations of her clients. Despite a busy schedule that involves working with dozens of clients, she still finds the time to work as a professor at a law school to help students with a passion for social justice.

“Law school isn’t easy, and I know that personally. I attended law school and graduated while having two children at home, so I certainly understand the struggles. As a professor, my goal is to provide a better understanding of tort law for students to pass the bar and become social justice warriors,” said Abelian.

“Many of these individuals are minorities who will fight for social justice and equality within their communities while providing legal services to those who can benefit most from them. I’m known for going over and above for my clients, and I believe these students will do the same when they pass the bar and start working with clients.”

Although her passion for the legal field led her to take a two-year accelerated program at Southwestern Law School to become the legal professional she is today, Gohar Abelian never forgot about the most important things to her. She always strives to fight for those who don’t always receive the fair legal representation they’re entitled to and deserve to have.

When asked about her most significant accomplishments, Abelian had this to say, “Nothing feels better than knowing I can make a difference. I love handing over checks to my clients after winning their cases for them. I also love educating students at the law school because I know that one day they’ll strive to make a difference.”

Some would say Gohar Abelian is a superwoman, managing to take care of her two children while providing legal services and working as a professor for law students. In her eyes, she’s doing what she loves while helping people.

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