How One Young Entrepreneur Is Helping to Pave the Way for Future Business Owners

I recently had the chance to speak with successful young entrepreneur Keegan Boroski. Keegan is a budding entrepreneur who was raised in a small New England town of Keene, New Hampshire. Seeing his parents struggle to care for a large family of 6 taught him what it meant to be resourceful, but witnessing his father’s tenacious drive to grow his own business sparked Keegan’s passion for entrepreneurship at a young age. He stated, “ I started working at a young age, helping my dad with his business, and I realized at a very young age what having money can do for your family and freedom.”

He also began to realize at a young age that nothing is achieved without hard work. Growing up, he saw struggle, ambition, and self-reliance, and he is transforming his future into one that is prosperous and goal-driven. “Watching every single one of my family members work extra hard just to make sure they could have [a comfortable] life and do the things that they wanted to do, I set a goal for myself to be able to do the same thing and strive for even more for myself and my future family.”

Boroski has been trailblazing the unconventional road to success for 5 years now. For him, it’s not the freedom but the independence that drives him to pursue entrepreneurship. He has a car detailing business named Coastal Reflections Detailing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and he also dabbles in Forex Trade; by using an AI software, he helps investors trade with low risk.  

Boroski gives insight on what it means to be a young business owner and how he plans to leverage his company to help other young entrepreneurs ditch the 9 to 5 grind.

Stepping Outside of the Box

From his personal experience of working as an employee, he realized at a very young age that he had an entrepreneurial spirit. Boroski didn’t want to limit himself to a weekly paycheck, so he decided to take control of his own income. In doing so, he was met with a few challenges and realizations along the way, one of them being loneliness and the other harsh criticism.

Many entrepreneurs are met with similar experiences when deciding to go against normal societal constraints, but the difference between successful and unsuccessful people is consistency. Boroski states, “Even though you’re always networking, you’re alone a lot of the time. . . I feel like nowadays a lot of people feel like they won’t get accepted socially if they don’t go to college.”

When dealing with negative criticism from outside sources, he states that those who criticize the most either fail to see your vision or view you as competition. Boroski also realizes that it takes determination to be an entrepreneur—success doesn’t happen overnight! He is not only willing to be a source of inspiration for others, but he’s also determined to uplift the future generation of young business owners.

Inspiring the Youth of Tomorrow

Five years from now, Boroski hopes to offer young entrepreneurs a chance to earn income while pursuing their passion. He believes that his car detailing business will offer a sustainable income for those who seek to become a part of the team. He also added that his high-end clientele offers bonus networking benefits; the job would give budding entrepreneurs a chance to rub elbows with future customers or business partners. This concept of value creation makes his venture a success.

When asked about his current relationship with money, finances, and entrepreneurship, Boroski stated, “ I’ve endured many financial hardships, sometimes where I’ve had almost nothing in my bank account. But throughout all of them, it has changed my view of money. I believe money is pointless if it’s just sitting in the bank. I believe in having multiple investments/streams of income, rather than focusing solely on just one source of income. If I’m afraid to spend money, I can’t expect anyone to invest or spend any money with me.”

For all business inquiries, Boroski can be reached here: @Keeganboroski.

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