How One YouTuber Made Logan Paul’s NFT Game in “A Few Hours”

Someone would have to be living under an Etherrock to have not been exposed to the latest crypto-related news to hit the mainstream: YouTuber Coffeezilla’s expose on the turbulent development of Logan Paul’s ‘CryptoZoo’ NFT game. The three-part video series highlights how Coffeezilla concluded the project was a scam after learning members of the development team had questionable backgrounds, were allegedly discussing the logistics of how to pump-and-dump the game’s $ZOO token, and then started accusing each other of scamming the others before providing no further communication to investors. Paul’s response included a (now deleted) video in which he claimed that he will sue the YouTuber for defamation. The video also ended with a declared release date of “2023/24” for the game.

A small YouTuber believed the game could be made a little more quickly, however.

Lions, and Shurtles, and Frarks, Oh My!

“It took me hours to make the game,” says @itsyipy in his video detailing the making of his version of the concept. Titling it ‘RealZoo,’ yipy made a game based off of the mechanics being advertised in the initial CryptoZoo game. He needed to make a game that included seven features: in-game currency, buying eggs, hatching eggs, breeding to acquire hybrid creatures, rarity of animals, currency yield, and the ability to burn your creatures to acquire their yield. “Now we know what to make, but I had a fraction of the resources Logan had to put into this ambitious game… and he failed. A few hours later, I had a working game.”

After showing snippets of the code used in the making of the game, yipy remarks, “It was lacking something… that art Logan bragged about.” The video proceeds to show how the art for the game was generated using Stable Diffusion, a text-to-image program (AI-generated art). With a working game ready to go, yipy added the ability for player accounts to store progress and for players to buy the in-game currency. 

As impressive and humorous as this display of protest is, it is lacking a crucial ingredient offered in the CryptoZoo recipe- blockchain integration. Providing the ability for a game to interact on a blockchain (in this case, BSC) adds a new and complicated feature that could add quite a bit of time to a game’s development. Perhaps Logan has a little more credence on the game taking more than “a few hours” to develop?

Recently, Logan Paul has dropped the lawsuit threats towards Coffeezilla and has removed his responses, with a new one purportedly on the way. Perhaps those invested in the drama can spend their time waiting for the next development by hatching porcas and frelks on yipy’s game.

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