How Online Coaching Saved Griffin Handsor’s Life.

As the world stood in a standstill not everyone was going to wait for Covid-19 to magically disappear. As most countries were stuck in lockdowns and closures Griffin Handsor felt it was the perfect chance to work on himself. After reaching a point of being in the worst shape in his life, Handsor turned to well known Canadian online coach Amer Kamra for expertise.

Most people would not see a global pandemic as an opportunity but Kamra, owner of Hammer Fitness, saw differently. The guidance and platform didn’t just help Handsor, it opened his eyes to what he was truly capable of. Pandemic or not there was no stopping the two from reaching an astonishing transformation.

After years of competing in various bodybuilding competitions, it was during this difficult time where Handsor made his most substantial growth beyond competing. He began to use the knowledge gained throughout the years and was given an opportunity to coach clients under mentors Kamra and Jase Stevens, owners of Man The F Up.

Coming from a world of training clients in a 1-on-1 setting, he quickly ventured into online coaching as his own personal success proved that just about anyone can do the same remotely. During this time he enrolled into furthering his knowledge with Kamra’s Business Mentorship program. The program is heavily structured to enhance the growth of one’s business.

In what was supposed to be a difficult time for Handsor, turned out to be a life changing opportunity. An opportunity to thrive against all odds. To help others change their own lives with remote online coaching.

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