How Permanent Are Your Hair Transplants?

Getting hair transplants sounds like a nightmare to most people. They envision it’s to be nothing but an awkwardly placed hair plus in small patches, and with that image in your mind, no one would want that.

Hair transplants are procedures done to restore the hairline or the scalp appearance of someone by using micro grafting technology. The results you can achieve are phenomenal in today’s age. But, are they permanent results?

Well, today, we’ll be taking a look at the results you can achieve through the procedure of hair transplant and finally answer the age-long question of “Is hair transplant permanent?” So, if you’re someone looking to get a hair transplant, or you’re just curious, read through to find out all about its permanency.

How Permanent Is a Hair Transplant?

Once the hair follicles are attached, it can take a while for your scalp and skin to breathe and heal. The healing procedure generally takes up to 6 to 12 months, and during that time, it is competently normal for hair to be falling out here and there.

After the healing is done and you have a smooth recovery, the hair follicles will start growing hair, and it will seamlessly blend into the bald patches you may have on your head. The hair transplant allows the transplanted follicles to naturally develop as you age, just like your own hair!

The position of your hair follicles, as well as the transplant, is then permanently linked to your scalp. Now, the transplanted hair follicle will be just the same as the rest of your hair. This means that just like all hair sacs, the grafted ones will also stop producing as much hair as they are currently making.

Will You Need More Hair Transplants After Getting One?

Well, there is a high chance that your primary hair transplant procedure won’t be the only one. In some cases, the doctors recommend you to get multiple sessions done to achieve the desired results. Meanwhile, other patients are generally pleased with the effects they have on their first try and would rarely go back for touchups on other thinning areas.

All types of hair transplants are permanent, and you can opt for either the FEU or FUT transplant type depending on your hair problems, alongside the recommendations that your doctor makes.

How Will My Hair Appear After Hair Transplant?

When the hair transplant has been performed successfully, you will need a while before you start seeing results in your hairline. As the healing process begins, it is normal for more hair loss to occur in the first few months of the transplant.

Once the scalp is fully healed, you will observe that the follicles on your head will start growing back hair. This hair will be the same in texture, length, and density as your natural hair. The micrografting procedure enables you to cut, style, and even dye your hair as you usually would.


Hair transplants are an excellent option for those looking to get rid of their visibly thinning hair. This permanent procedure ensures that you see lasting results. However, it would help if you remembered that it doesn’t mean you will see the same results for the rest of your life.

Try to find the best specialists you can and ensure that both of you are on the same page about the final look so you can get the natural fullness you are looking for. We hope that our article helped answer your queries!

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