How Peter Szabo Beat Poverty at 11 and Become A Teenage Millionaire

Many success stories come from a deep point of motivation. A force that drives you to change your life for the better. It brings about the purpose that one tends to work for with grit. At the age of 11, Peter Szabo was pushed by his life situations to make his life better through entrepreneurship. He became a millionaire at 19 with unprecedented strides.

His Motivation

At the age of 11, he witnessed his family’s fnancial struggles. That gave him drive. His parents made irresponsible financial decisions where they would take out loans, exhaust their savings, and invested in an MLM company in hopes of fnancial freedom.

However, the investment did not work out as expected, and they went broke. As an average Slovakian household, Peter’s parents did not make more than $600 a month, which loan repayments topped it up.

He recalls being the only student in school whose parents did not own a car nor had the classic one-week staycation per year. He could also not afford a $50 pair of sneakers. They were, however, fortunate to maintain a roof over their heads and food on the table.

Peter decided that he did not want to live a life on the meager minimum earnings and had an urge to make their lives better. It was after watching “The Secret” that he got confdent about his abilities. And with blind courage, he searched how to make money online on Google, which steered his entrepreneurial journey.

The Entrepreneurial Journey

He would make pennies daily by clicking ads, and it would take him months to make a dollar. He tried other ways to offer his services, including selling his services on Fiverr and doing social media and email marketing.

At 15, Peter found a mentor who would help him level up in his career and life. He went on to earn $1 a day, then $10, and eventually $100 a day. Peter then started a Facebook Ads Agency, LEADEVO PTE. LTD., at 17 years old and scaled it to $1.2 Million per year.

At that time, they had more than 300 clients from more minor to more prominent businesses in a variety of industries generating tens of millions of dollars combined. More so, Hufng Post and Inc. Magazine put out Peter as one of the most sought-after Facebook Ads experts. Publications such as

Forbes and identifed him as a digital marketing star and a Facebook advertising expert.

Other Projects

Peter was a millionaire by 19. However, he felt he lacked purpose. Peter Szabo thus set out on a mission of helping 1 billion people to build the lives they want. He genuinely believes that helping an individual is the key to making the world a better place.

He has since documented over 2000 success stories at Source Hacker Reviews with his course the Source Hacker System. Peter implemented the memory fipping method to help provide not only income but impact.


To know more about Peter Szabo or for training on digital marketing, especially Facebook ads, reach out to Peter through these platforms:





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