How Philip Villa Established Yokkao in the Muay Thai World

Yokkao, a fashion brand in the Muay Thai Boxing world, has established a strong and unique place in the market. It differentiates itself from traditional brands by supplying head-turning fight gear and trendy sportswear.

The brand is made up of core team members belonging to Thailand and Italy. This lends a distinctive identity to Yokkao through the fusion and influence of two vastly different cultures.

The man behind the success and the rising popularity of this fashion brand is Italian entrepreneur and ex-fighter, Philip Villa who founded Yokkao in 2010. The brand founder has introduced Muay Thai gear and fightwear with contemporary looks, revolutionizing the Thai boxing industry in the past decade.

It is Villa’s visionary approach and forward-thinking that has made Yokkao a successful brand at a global level. The mastermind is a former fighter and a combat sports fan with his origin in Italy. His life-long association with Muay Thai helped him establish the brand successfully across the world.

Beyond his passion for the sport, Villa was an early adopter in using social media marketing for the promotion of Yokkao. He has combined combat sports with fashion & lifestyle concepts to make Yokkao stand out. Other than its innovative product designs, Yokkao is known for consistently producing high-quality and viral content.

Villa started and implemented many initiatives in the last ten years, such as the Yokkao Seminars, global fighting events, and the Yokkao Training Center Bangkok. The vertical integration of all aspects is what make Yokkao a leading brand in the Muay Thai industry.

There’s no stopping Villa at this point who now wants to release only limited edition designs from Yokkao. The new strategic move aims to move the brand into the upscale market to separates it from the increasingly competitive industry. Villa plans to release limited edition collections on Yokkao’s online stores to meet the needs of customers in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Villa’s strong passion for Muay Thai since his childhood times has helped him found Yokkao successfully. Backed by his entrepreneurial skills and driven by his love of the sport to increase the global awareness of Muay Thai, he has established Yokkao’s place firmly in the Muay Thai world.

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