How Placenta Pills Can Help You During Your Postpartum Recovery

First-time mothers, especially, might have trouble getting back to their pre-pregnancy state after having a baby and typically suffer mentally, emotionally, and physically. Some of these symptoms might include, but are not limited to, abdominal pain, depression, constipation, hormonal shifts, sore nipples and breasts, water retention, and a considerable slow down in weight loss.  

Synthetic drugs have been available for women suffering from postpartum recovery, but targeted therapy has mostly covered the “baby blues” and treating depression. What about the myriad of other symptoms that seemed to be ignored by traditional medicine? Are there other options? 

How Can Placenta Pills Help

Placenta pills are the best self care investment you can make in your postpartum recovery as a new mother. Placenta pills offer a natural approach to the postpartum period without harsh side effects or questionable safety for mothers and babies. 

After the baby is born, many women turn to a holistic option to aid and nourish their body for a quicker bounce back. Consuming placenta pills can replenish your blood iron levels, leading to more energy and helping you avoid the common symptoms of low iron: tiredness, foggy memory, and confusion. 

It can also help boost your milk production and aid in helping breast milk come in faster. This can keep your baby fuller and less fussy, enabling you to get more rest and worry less about your baby’s milk intake. 

Placenta encapsulation can help stabilize your hormone levels after giving birth. Having more levels of hormones after birth can help new moms with feeling less anxiety while providing more emotional regulation during the postpartum healing period. 

It can also decrease your risk of postpartum depression, also known as the “baby blues.” This condition is increasingly common in postpartum women, and warding it off by providing your body the nutrients and supplementation it needs after birth can help avoid the peaks and dips of hormone levels that contribute to depression.

Taking placenta pills can decrease your postpartum bleeding, allowing you to heal faster and feel better quicker. This can really help new moms feel more prepared to face motherhood head-on!

How to Begin Your New Postpartum Recovery  

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