How Pluto Alliance is Dominating the NFT Space

The Non-fungible token (NFT) space has seen a lot of growth and interest this year. Several projects have emerged within a short period, and more are still in the offing. But only a few have had the Pluto Alliance project’s impact on the NFT space. Pluto Alliance is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated alien characters NFTs.

This project was created by Bit Boy Squad, a team that includes Justin, Ben, Deezy, Mike, and Carlos. All 10,000 characters are randomly generated from 295 unique traits. Each token was minted for 0.09 ETH on 15 September 2021, and some early investors also got airdrop tokens. All the 10,000 tokens were sold out soon after it went live.

Pluto Alliance NFT project isn’t just about the art; its major focus is on creating a gaming metaverse with an exciting plot that will involve aliens and the nine planets. The storyline is based on the dispute among planets as to whether Pluto is a planet or not. Some planets side with Earth which is claiming that Pluto isn’t a planet, while others form an alliance with Pluto, leading to the Pluto Alliance.

With nine planets, each planet has a certain number of aliens which reflects their rarity. Jupiter has 30% (3000), Saturn 20% (2000), Uranus 15% (1500), Neptune 10% (1000), Venus 7% (700), Earth 7% (700), Mars 5% (500), Mercury 4% (400), Pluto 1.5% (150), and Black Hole Aliens 0.5% (50). The alien characters on each planet have unique characteristics. For example, only Venus has aliens with fur. Each planet will also have its king.

Pluto Alliance Roadmap

The project already has a roadmap in place, showing that this isn’t just another NFT project looking to cash in on the current interest on NFTs. The roadmap begins with a Metaverse and includes an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) access, Community Rewards, and Play2Earn.

What Makes Pluto Alliance NFT Unique

In a world with hundreds of NFT projects, Pluto Alliance stands apart from the multitude due to certain qualities. These are

  1. Utility: Each Pluto Alliance avatar has next-level utility. These aren’t just NFTs to be admired for their artistic qualities. Instead, they provide access to the metaverse and remain fundamental to the project roadmap.
  2. Integration With Several Projects and Blockchain: Pluto Alliance doesn’t exist in isolation. Since its launch, it has partnered with several crypto projects and blockchains such as EnjinStarter and Evaverse. In addition, Raritytools and Rarity Sniper Tools are already planning to list the collection. More partnerships are still forthcoming with the project, claiming it has more than nine major partnerships in the works.
  3. Community: Another thing that makes the Pluto Alliance project great is the community. It has the number one Crypto community, the Bitsquad, behind it. The community is quite vibrant, with millions of members across various social media platforms. The Bitsquad is the official crypto community of Bitboy crypto, the founder of the Pluto Alliance Project.

These three qualities, utility, integration with other projects, and vibrant community, all make Pluto Alliance a worthwhile NFT project with massive potential. Currently, the 10,000 tokens are owned by about 3000 people. But we can expect several resales in the coming months.

When speaking about the project, the founder, the VP of NFT at Bitboy Crypto, and one of the co-creators of the project, Justin Williams, pointed out that the next level utility of each token, vibrant Bitsquad community and integration with blockchain and projects are responsible for the die-hard engagement that the project has enjoyed so far.

In the long run, Pluto Alliance will not just focus on NFTs and Crypto but also on charity. The community members are already suggesting ways that the project can contribute to society.

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