How Raj Girn Used The Art of Storytelling to Create Two World-Class Brands

The value of a good storyteller cannot be underestimated. In fact, it shouldn’t be undervalued in any capacity because it can mean the difference between success and failure for a brand, wins or losses for a cause, visibility or oversight for changemakers.

An effective storyteller can elevate a message that can, in turn, deeply impact audiences worldwide. The power of this cannot be underestimated — it is game changing for niche market infiltration and for smaller companies to find and engage their ideal client in today’s ever-growing, crowded maze of online content.

Raj Girn is a multi-award-winning media and events entrepreneur, brand strategist, marketing consultant, confidence coach, and author, with an eye for storytelling. For almost two decades, she has established herself as an expert in niche branding, media, marketing, and communications, working with corporate brands like L’Oréal Paris, GoDaddy, and Huawei, and celebrity brands like Priyanka Chopra and Robin Sharma.

Actress Freida Pinto describes Raj as being in her “inner circle,” adding that she’s the kind of person you can “respect and find admiration for effortlessly.”

In 2002, the British-born, Canada-based entrepreneur founded two successful brands with a shared ethos and seamless synergy that has stayed with her throughout her career. ANOKHI, a boutique, multimedia and multi-platform brand, that ideates and executes media and event related marketing with a focus on the North American, South Asian community, and includes sub-brands like the annual ANOKHI Awards and the ANOKHI Uncensored radio show, which is syndicated worldwide by Dash Radio.

Alongside this, Girn runs Open Chest, which comprises Open Chest with Raj Girn, a long-running celebrity interview series and The Open Chest Confidence Academy, where she provides one-on-one coaching and consulting in mindset, branding, media, communications, marketing, leadership, and networking to C-suite and Fortune-500 professionals and entrepreneurs.

Additionally, Girn has recently announced a brand new 11-step masterclass series to transform confidence from a multi-dimensional perspective, to provide knowledge, skils, and accountability to anyone looking to step into their own power as a leader, through 11 core systems that teach this.

The idea behind these 60 to 90 minute sessions, is to share a condensed version of what this seasoned entrepreneur has learned over her extensive 30 years in entrepreneurship, with 20 of them as a C-suite executive. The goal is to help fast-track anyone’s journey and minimize challenges, no matter what stage of their career they are at.

The first step has been released, and it focuses on the 6 core steps she recommends for growing your brand presence to world-class status. Along with these, the masterclass also covers 4 myths that she has seen firsthand, being the reason why getting branding right has failed.

Girn’s career has taken her from the UK, to Canada where she now resides, via India and the U.S., as she juggles the work-life balance as a BIPOC woman and single mother, who continues to develop and cultivate these two, long, standing and iterated brands. To add more strings to her bow, Girn is a contributing author to an international best-selling book, 365 Empowering Stories.

She has been featured in two coffee table books, a feature length documentary, a collection of female empowerment intention cards, and numerous published pieces across pop culture, lifestyle, entertainment, and leadership. She’s also a regular contributor at, Thrive Global, and Medium and has many accolades and awards to her name, including the ICCC Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award, presented by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC.

Girn continues to make a profound impact on numerous lives around her, passing on invaluable lessons and sharing her expertise through the lens of an expert storyteller with the intention of making a real difference. It’s how she’s built two boutique brands to world-class status with so many odds stacked against her.

Find out about Raj Girn, ANOKHI, and The Open Chest Confidence Academy on her website.

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