How Randi Banks Overcame Depression and Became a Successful Instagram Star

Depression, a struggle that many people are facing and a word that many people are throwing around cluelessly. But for anyone who has experienced the depths of depression, they understand it is more than just one word can explain. Randi Banks has fought this monster.

Banks grew up in a conservative in Houston, without much access to the big world and a crazy family to complete the picture. Growing up, she felt different, not quite fitting in and this led to her early woes.

In an age where social media has penetrated every corner of the world, Banks grew up seeing what the world has to offer and hoping to one day get to experience this. However, her hope was often crashed by her insecurities and lack of money. The ‘you can be whatever you want to be,’ mantra seemed like a farfetched dream for her.

But not anymore, Banks has successfully established her career as an Instagram star. While hers is not an overnight success story, every challenge and obstacle she has faced has prepared her for the world.

Armed with her dream and hope to experience all the parts of life and explore the world, Banks began working young. At 23, she’s held several jobs in the past, and right before she became an Instagram star, Banks worked as a flight attendant.

Banks is a proof that even a clumsy girl, with insecurities and has battled depression from a little conservative town can achieve their dream.

Another incredible part of Banks is her passion to help people. She has been an anti-bullying activist, a strong advocate for women empowerment and a volunteer at children’s hospitals. Randi says she wants to show others that if you put your mind to it, you can become anyone you want to be. In addition, she volunteers at animal shelters and is passionate about helping animals. She also volunteers to help old people.

For every challenge Banks has faced, she has grown strong enough to build herself up from the bottom to the Instagram star she is today. She is determined to grow her career even further and continue being an inspiration to young people, women, children and a help to old people and animals.

Building from the bottom up is extremely challenging given today’s world, especially with social pressures weighing down on young people and unemployment plaguing the globe. Despite this, Banks is one to watch as she navigates the challenges and embarks on her self-development journey.

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