How RayKatanna’s Personal Experience In The Global Pandemic Is Fueling His Career

RayKatanna is soaring through the music industry

Over the last year and a half, the world has been affected by the coronavirus global pandemic. This does not come as any new statement for anybody, but it is important to note that the pandemic has had a major impact on everyone’s lives, some more than others. For RayKatanna, the virus is hitting close to home as his mother had the virus herself.

RayKatanna has used this situation as a source of fuel for himself and is pushing to take his career to the next level. He realizes that life is very precious, and at any moment, it can be over like that. Refusing to sit back and watch everything unfold, he is taking matters into his own hands and navigating the industry as an independent artist.

A lot comes into play when being an independent artist, it can be hard to get the truth from people in the industry, and young artists quickly learn that people are in it for themselves. However, RayKatanna has proved to be successful in the past, and he believes he has the formula to make his dreams a reality.

Dealing with covid and the hospitalization of his parents was one of the hardest things that RayKatanna has ever had to go through. Little did he know that this experience would kick him into gear and get him moving in the right direction within the music industry. Look for RayKatanna to be a name that you hear quite often when talking about the hottest artists in the game. It is only a matter of time before he joins those ranks.

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Written by Jeremy Morris

3. Jeremy Morris is a force in the marketing and PR world, serving thousands of musicians, brands, and entrepreneurs helping them grow their presence online. Starting his online career with the goal of growing his own page, Jeremy learned quickly what works in the industry and what doesn't. He used his past experiences and what was successful for him to be able to start helping others grow in the same fashions he did. Jeremy is currently an integral part of the company EveryDay Success Team, where the company focuses on all out growth and development for thousands of clients, whether its press, social media growth, app development, spotify playlisting, and much more.

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