How Real Estate Advisor Jaf Glazer Spends His Sundays

The real estate market has slowed down quite a bit since the beginning of the pandemic, and Jaf Glazer has really been taking advantage of the slower pace. When he isn’t splitting his time between his advisory firm (Conquest Advisors) and his investment company (Gallium), he’s hunting for distressed deals to invest in.

Lately, Glazer has been overseeing renovations on one of his older investments — a distressed property on Shelter Island that he bought at auction five years ago — and living there so he doesn’t have to drive back to his loft in Soho every night. He spruced it up a bit to list it on Airbnb when he’s not using it and was able to generate above-average returns. Over the sounds of power tools screaming in the background, Glazer explained, “Because I have more time to spend at home, I thought, Why don’t I make it really nice now?” The only break he gets is during his workouts, but a five-mile run to the beach is just what he needs to recharge.

Because Glazer works so hard, his weekends are precious. “Sunday is a day I like to slow down so that I can speed up during the week,” he said. Glazer tries to sleep in until 8, and takes the time before his girlfriend, high-fashion model Jasmine Dwyer, wakes up to practice transcendental meditation in the backyard. Because it’s shorter and mantra-based, transcendental meditation is more impactful to Glazer than other styles. “It definitely helps me reorient my focus and relax prior to making important decisions,” Glazer explained. 

After breakfast, Glazer and his girlfriend take his Boston Terrier, Sky, for a two-hour hike around the water in the Mashomack Preserve. “During the week, I’m really focused on work, so I try and give some attention to my relationship,” said Glazer. When it’s warmer, he and Dwyer like to play tennis, go to the driving range, take helicopter flying lessons, paddleboard through a nearby inlet, or rent fishing boats. They also enjoy driving through different neighborhoods, looking for his next investment in Glazer’s car. “The flight out of urban centers has opened my eyes to opportunities out of the city,” he explained.

While the kitchen renovations are still underway, Glazer and Dwyer have been picking up takeout from Marie Eifel’s, a French restaurant frequented by celebrities such as Jerry Seinfeld and Uma Thurman. Finally, they wind down with a glass of Bordeaux and assess new distressed properties to invest in together. After a refreshing weekend, it’s time for bed so that he can wake up tomorrow with as much energy as he needs to approach his busy schedule.

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