How Real Estate Expert Tom John Light Transforms Ordinary Housing Projects to Magnificent Living Spaces

When it comes to housing, home designers, architects, and interior decorators spend about the same as much as homebuyers do. However, typically, their signature-touch projects look like they fit in the privileged rich. They possess an edge in turning a basic brick into a dream home.

A prime example is the works of the real estate expert Tom John Light, who is transforming ordinary housing projects into magnificent living spaces through the means of LightArt – his brainchild – that combines art and real estate to deliver class-apart, unique, and technologically-advanced properties.

Light, who works alongside real estate developers, has managed to change the face of the branded real estate market by pioneering new ways of designing and marketing that parallel none. Through his startup, LightArt, this 32-year-old has left a trail of transformed properties across Europe, so much so that the property industry has found a rebirth for better. In fact, to generate the kind of outcomes that he does, Light works in a loop with a team of designers, artists, and architects who together tailor the interiors, designs, and exteriors with a touch of personal style, and yet, in sync with what the client desires.

It may not be apparent at first, but upon completion of each project assigned to LightArt, it can be noticed that every property stands unique in its appearance and functionality than the other – thanks to his unwavering endeavor to create innovative, personalized, and sustainable space. Not only that, his emphasis on offering convenient, accessible, and feasible properties to the homeowners as well as tenants are reflected in his projects, that are not only inbuilt with smart assistants but are also equipped with a range of environmentally-friendly elements.

Further speaking on what led him to venture in the world of artistic branded real estate, Light said, “Whilst starting out, I had the vision to introduce to the world the concept of branded real estate and, at the same time, present opportunities to those engaged in creating developments that are worth all the attention and praises. Having realized the importance of innovation in property development, especially to cater to the evolving needs of the urban population, both commercial and residential, I decided to become the solution provider. With a team of over 30 designers, cultural advisors, and artists, we have so far successfully managed to transform a standard housing experience into a space that boasts a blend of art, technology, and healthy community life.”

In the near future, the young real estate expert plans on taking over the projects pertaining to the revamp of commercial buildings – whether it’s boutique hotels or skyscrapers. In Light’s view, his work gives him a great sense of achievement, especially since he can help inspire and project his skills and passion with others in the community. “There’s no greater satisfaction and happiness than being able to deliver artistic, dream-like properties that most people always fantasize about, but struggle to find,” added Light.

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