How Recent Generations Are Opening More Private Physician Practices Than Ever, With Melissa Marsocci, Founder Of Cornerstone Healthcare Consulting and Management

As the workforce evolves and younger generations are entering into the mix, there has been a big push for independence and working for oneself. This is true in every industry, and especially so in the healthcare world. Many younger physicians and medical specialists are looking for options involving private practices, not wanting to be tied down or restricted by big hospitals and healthcare systems.

Melissa Marsocci, Founder of Cornerstone Healthcare Consulting and Management, specializes in helping practitioners make the jump into private practice and expects to see a lot more of them popping up in the next few years. This is in part due to patterns she sees that resemble what happened a few decades ago, and due to the business and healthcare management environment of today.

As Marsocci explains, this draw towards opening private practices stems in part from younger generations entering the workforce, and not being satisfied with the status quo. Many people now want to go into the entrepreneurial space, while still working one-on-one with patients.

Some physicians feel reluctant to get into a contract with a big healthcare system because they are limited in how they can practice, these systems often have patient quotas, specific treatment timeframes, and treatment limitations. In other cases, it is simply a practitioner wanting to focus on a more customer-centric model, and wanting the freedom of owning their own business.

Start-ups of any kind are easier now more than ever, without the requirement of a brick-and-mortar space there is no limit to how practitioners can connect with patients. Cornerstone Healthcare Consulting and Management has a turnkey solution that can get private practices up and running quickly, with everything they need to provide the best patient care.

They also work with practitioners looking to purchase or partner into an established practice, going through all the pros and cons, helping them decide which route forward best serves their needs.

Marsocci has been in the business a long time and has herself started multiple successful private practices in the Greater Philadelphia Region and New York area, so she knows what it takes both from the management side of it and the owner side. She is not a practitioner, she is an expert in healthcare systems management, and knows the industry inside and out.

Because part of her business is working with practices looking to sell, or improve their sustainability, she knows all the different areas where things can go wrong or need improvement. Her company helps with every single phase of the process, she will do everything from the ground up, including scouting out retail space, coordinating the website, installing the phone system, literally everything.

Marsocci is so successful because she never loses sight of the objective, providing the best care and making things better for the patient. She strives to be cutting edge and on top of trends in the industry, looking at all the new methods and business models that are working.

An example of that is telemedicine, which she was offering well before the COVID-19 pandemic made it so popular. As an entrepreneur herself, she knows exactly what struggles and challenges these practitioners will face and has a ready-made way to approach it.

Marsocci is an incredibly positive and insightful person, deeply committed to helping both physicians and patients. As a single mother, and woman in business, she understands how important work-life balance is and incorporates that into everything she does.

Connect with Marsocci on social media through LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, and visit the Cornerstone Healthcare Consulting and Management website to see how they can help get your private practice started.


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