How Reed Advisory Group Has Been Providing Flexible Solutions to Benefit Various Business Types

Reed Advisory Group

Compassion is something that most people need but very few are willing to give, especially today when a global pandemic has created multiple crises in several aspects. Watching the pandemic leave an economic catastrophe, Kevin Reed felt compelled to take action. The result was the birth of the Reed Advisory Group.

Reed Advisory Group is a business-to-business consulting company that provides a plethora of services to various companies from different industries. Kevin has always had a growth mindset and a strong desire to help people. He spent over twenty-eight years in the healthcare industry working in management positions. Kevin stumbled on some valuable information, learning how to benefit the healthcare field and various business types. 

When the country was plunged into an economic crisis due to the pandemic, Kevin Reed formed strategic partnerships to bring expense savings to businesses across nearly every expense category. He discovered ways to save up to 20% on operating expenses, building partnerships and recruiting like-minded advisors who shared his passion. The movement ultimately resulted in the Reed Advisory Group.

“We have access to a diverse set of solutions to assist most business types,” shared Kevin. “No matter what the need, we most likely have the solution.”

Reed Advisory Group provides a plethora of cost-saving strategies, putting them in the position to solve problems their clients may not even know they had. The company can address their client’s expenses from several different angles, allowing them to customize their approach based on their unique pain points and goals. However, Kevin understands the limits of what he can do.

“We don’t tell an owner or executive how to operate their business,” he elaborated. “We simply partner with them to provide them with the tools they need to make the best decisions for their business.”

Clients working with the company will always be placed in the driver’s seat as far as the utilization of services. Reed Advisory Group’s goal is to simplify the processes they implement and ease the managing of expenses, allowing the clients to focus on the growth of their business. Most of the services integrate seamlessly into their systems, preventing any disruption of their operations and reducing the time and effort needed to accomplish their tasks.

Whether they are dealing with a small business or a Fortune 500 organization, Reed Advisory Group provides solutions to help add to their bottom line. Additionally, their service expands to non-profits and municipalities, giving them a broad reach and making an enormous impact. 

With a large variety of services, Reed Advisory Group makes them big enough to serve any client. However, they remain a small enough organization to reach out to lesser-known companies.

“You will get personalized service from an advisor with a sincere desire to help,” Kevin assured. “We are truly a no-risk-all-reward value proposition. Our services are fee contingent, so unless savings are realized for the client, there is no fee.”

Kevin Reed hopes to grow his business locally to leverage the relationships formed and expand his reach beyond his current location, bringing the benefits of his services to clients throughout the United States and Canada.

“I don’t want to be constrained by geography as this is a business that offers services that I can bring to anyone, anywhere.” Kevin foresees Reed Advisory Group’s presence to grow and become a household name in the country.

Learn more about the Reed Advisory Group by visiting their official website.

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