How Removing Mental Blocks Can Lead To Your Own Personal Growth And Achieving Goals

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 As for future development, we aim to create a system for total coordination for our clients which includes the implementation of, mental, beauty, health, yoga, etc.

We also want to create a place and an environment where it is easy for coaches, counselors, therapists, and healers to work and be active.

Kazuya Yamashita Shares his journey of pursuing his profession as a psychological counselor and a coach.

Thank you so much for sitting with us. What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome?

With our current climate, what used to be the norm is no longer the norm.  However, it is also true that the climate provided me an opportunity to really look deep into as to focus on my current profession. Without a recent health climate, I might not have taken the plunge and quit my job.

As for how I overcame the climate, rather than thinking that I overcame it, I learned and practiced that I needed to be flexible and not get caught up in the climate and to be able to think on my own.

It means, to look at things in a neutral way, without being attached to the positive or negative aspects.
By learning this way of being, I feel that I can live on my own terms without losing focus. Another obstacle that I had to overcome was self-reflection and facing my own problems.

There were many problems that I had neglected because I felt that they were too hard for me to face, but I have tried to face them seriously and things that required me to remove any mental blocks, I have actively been practicing to do so.

Can you tell us a story of what your journey has been like?

I feel that my mission is to liberate those who are unable to live their lives in their own way and guide them to their MISSION and goals.

Specifically, I help people who are unable to move forward in their lives by removing mental blocks that is suffering and helping them to set their mission and goals by understanding their information. I feel that if people all over the world can live their own lives and fulfill their missions, the earth will surely be a better place in the future.

In addition, we help them set concrete goals for how they want to work and promote their personal growth.

Since I was brought up with little to no acceptance by others where there were a lot of denials, my self-esteem was low, I had no self-confidence, and I had difficulty understanding my own feelings and even proposing my own opinions was a hardship.

I have had a tough time since my childhood days.  The cause of these problems was the parent-child relationship in our household. Most of the time, when I tried to express my opinions, I was denied or not acknowledged as if I was being held down from above.

However, what I feel now is that that experience was also necessary for me. Because that experience gave me the opportunity to become a psychologist, and because of those 

hardships I have been through I am now working as a psychological counselor and coaching eager to help people who are suffering and having troubles, in the same way, I use to.

Any tips you could share with people who are looking to live fully and peacefully. 

I deeply hope that people will seek help from psychological professionals and rely on them when they cannot manage on their own.

If you are struggling with parent-child relationships or childhood problems and are unable to live your life to the fullest, the fact that your current reality does not change easily or you keep repeating the same problems is very much related to your relationship with your parents or childhood problems.

If your reality is not changing, or if you have been struggling with the same problem for decades, it may be related to your mental block. By removing the mental blocks in your subconscious mind, you can change the reality that is troubling you.

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