How Rising Artist ThomasMBeats Has Balanced Music and Lifestyle

Here’s an example of how one can create a career from a hobby.

When it comes to creating and producing music, most artists put their entire being into performing at the highest level of their ability. Being a full-time musician takes an enormous amount of time and energy. When it comes to balancing other obligations in life, the pressure can be immense. Tommy Martin Jr. knows the feeling of drowning under stress all too well. The Detroit, Michigan native began producing beats at the young age of 14 under the heavy influence of his talented father. Now known by the artist name ThomasMBeats, this versatile individual focuses on bringing popular beats to the table while excelling in his everyday accomplishments. 

Growing a love for music was always simple for the young musician. At the age of 12, ThomasMBeats began taking piano lessons through a program sponsored by Wayne State University. “From then until high school, I practiced learning how to play known songs from YouTube. This also increased my music passion.” Once ThomasMBeats joined his school choir, his fan base began to rapidly grow. He started producing his own beats, and utilizing his voice in his tracks came soon after. Yet, his music wasn’t a full-time career – he had a bigger vision. 

As big as a role as music plays in ThomasMBeats’ life, his stack of impressive accomplishments outside his musical career makes a statement all on their own. He received the Barack Obama President Award in 2014 for saving a life and earned the title of Bill Gates Millennium Scholar in 2015. While pursuing an engineering degree in college, the young producer began selling his own, unique tracks – making around $200 in monthly income. “I used to be the guy who everyone went to when they wanted to make a song,” ThomasMBeats reflects. In his senior year at Central Michigan University, his current manager Versatile G reached out over Instagram. Versatile G began guiding him as an artist, pushing collaborations and connecting with industry artists and producers. 

After graduating from Central Michigan University with a BSET degree in Mechanical Engineering of Technology, ThomasMBeats’ musical career began taking off. His manager connected with Grammy-winning artist Ash Riser, which led to their new producer group “Dream Brigade.” ThomasMBeats has collaborated with multiple big-name individuals, including Wild ‘N Out cast members YvngSwag and Conceited. He has also produced for DDG and other artists.

As an advanced, versatile artist, ThomasMBeats has created various name stamps and careers. From musician to producer, he has created a promising future in multiple industries. Be on the lookout for his new EP and future music. 

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