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How Rising Model Rudy Bundini is Using Instagram Live to Grow His Personal Brand

Here’s how he maintains connection with his fans amidst COVID-19.

In the ever-vacillating world of fashion and modeling, the New-York-based model and actor Rudy Bundini is making his name a constant in the industry.  Born in Basel, Switzerland, Bundini moved to America in 2014 and has seen an incredible amount of success since thanks to his efforts.

The accolades of this former boxing heavyweight champion have grown with his time in the modeling industry. He was named “Male Commercial Model of the Year” by IMTA and has been on a roll with appearances on many editorial covers, including Malvie, Gezno, Centerstage, Kodd, Gmaro, Moevir, Solis, Faddy, and Alpha Magazine. In addition, Bundini is also becoming a new male face for Nike and Versace.  To top these off, induction into the Dolce Gabbana Summer collection of 2020, a recent Forbes feature on a new wave of style influencers, and the highly coveted achievement of becoming Instagram verified have boosted his name and image to the forefront of covers and discussions.

The new reality of a global pandemic has also failed to stop the progress of Rudy Bundini as he has boasted regular communications and live streams with celebrities, including Tory Lanez and Snoop Dogg.  Using Instagram’s live platform, Bundini has been able to stay connected with his followers and continues to remain present in the minds of his fans. Through his live interactions, Bundini has not only been able to maintain his social media presence but also continue growing his reputation as one of the most significant male models in the industry.

Bundini’s work ethic and vision have allowed him to stand out in a highly-saturated field and has given him perspective and insights that keep him consistently successful.  His recent Forbes feature gave him the space to share some of the lessons he has learned.  To people looking into this field of work, he advises, “Match your talents and abilities with the job requirements.” Bundini adds, “Don’t start it unless you love your work… If you love what you do, you’ll enjoy the journey regardless of the destination your work brings you. You [will] most likely not only find success down the road but also enjoy your daily work not as an obligation but as a pleasure.”

The most significant determiners of success in any industry today are correlated to a person’s work ethic and ability to continue forward when others will not, and Rudy Bundini been able to practice this in the modeling world.  This is evident in his statement to Forbes about influencing where he encourages, stating, “Stop waiting for somebody to elevate your game. You are already equipped with everything you need to manifest your own greatness.”

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