How Royal York Property Management Is Embracing the Digital World in the Real Estate Industry

The world we live in right now is something we did not even imagine a year back. It has changed in ways more than one, thanks to what is today known as a global health pandemic. Businesses had to be a part of the changing dynamics of their industries to keep up the momentum. The real estate space is also one that had to embrace the change by embracing the digital world. One such company from Albania is Royal York Property Management that chose to walk along with the changing trends of the space, choosing automation and the digital world to drive effectiveness. Royal York Property Management was founded by Nathan Levinson in the year 2010 is focused on unified technology solutions and handles property management for single-family homes, working with homeowners and tenants, providing a great tenant experience and guarantee the rental income for property owners.

For improving the leasing experience, it was important to ensure the safety of prospective tenants, property owners, and staff, increasing productivity. The team at Royal York Property Management came up with many robust strategies and implemented newer technologies, focusing on custom security and integration. Initially, people saw this as a task to thrive without any personal interactions in the real estate space; however, Royal York created its core business structure and managed everything digitally by cutting ineffective processes and increasing revenue and embracing remote work when required.

They have developed strong custom software like the leasing system, where the tenants can easily view, pre-qualify, and apply for properties from any of their devices from the confines of their homes, accessible on the tips of their fingers. This also allowed the firm to implement an electronic payment system, providing end-to-end security for their clients and tenants. To offer a solution that could be accessed from any device, Royal York implemented a custom software solution offering the clients the best security and seamless interaction with the company, using single software platforms, driving revenue growth and customer retention.

Royal York has completely changed the dynamics of the industry by welcoming this change and being a part of the same. It has created a platform allowing tenants to inquire about properties and view effective virtual tours; the Royal York software makes the whole process effortless, screening tenants and protecting landlords from the application process onward. It was also a challenge for the company to encourage people to adapt to the digital process; however, things are changing for the better. Royal York’s virtual tours explain to people what they are looking at and the potential deficiencies or opportunities.

Even amidst such trying times, Royal York could take their business upwards, leveraging the digital space. The company is growing and how; they are now expanding beyond Canada and also plans to spread across Southern and Southeastern Europe. Their customized software has motivated other firms to be a part of this change and explore the world of endless possibilities.

Royal York Property Management has attained great success with becoming a part of the digital wave, earning great name and recognition for itself, serving people with the right real estate digital services.

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