How Ru & Ry’s C2BC Sessions Became a Nationwide Movement Transforming Lives

It is scientifically proven that breathwork is an effective technique to connect a person’s mental, physical, and spiritual being. However, the process of a perfect breathwork experience can be challenging if someone is performing it on their own. The impact is evident through professional guidance, and this is where Ru Mackenzie and Ryan Hubbardare making a mark through the Cool 2Be Conscious, or C2BC, movement. Ru and Ryan started the movement as a small breathwork session in February 2021, but its effects resonated with millions, making it a popular movement all over Australia.

Ru and Ry experienced the positive impact of breathwork in 2020. The experience transformed their lives and their entire perspective of living. The duo then thought of introducing more detailed and immersive breathwork sessions to the world. It took them nearly eight months to figure out what worked and what didn’t to develop breathwork sessions combined with meditation to provide the brain and body with a relaxing experience. C2BC helps people reconnect with the subconscious mind to discover peace and happiness from within, removing bitter experiences from the past.

C2BC goes by the motto, “BE THE LOVE. BE THE FUN!.” It reflects every human’s hidden desire for love and fun like a child. C2BC is helping people discover inner love and fun, leading toward a holistic way of living. The first C2BC session was conducted on Australia’s Gold Coast, and it became a huge success. Soon, more and more people started registering for each stillness session, a one-hour breathwork and meditation program in a community. The highest recorded C2BC registration for a single session included 250 people on Burleigh Beach in July 2021.

Following the growing popularity of C2BC, the movement expanded from Ru and Ry to more than 60 facilitators across Australia and New Zealand. Thanks to C2BC’s licensing program, Ru and Ry train like-minded people who share a similar vision to become empowering individuals who can influence a group or community in different corners of the world. To spread the movement further, Ru and Ry conduct free 30-minute live online flow sessions through Instagram and also share pre-recorded meditations, state-shifting breathwork, and habit resources on the C2BC website for free.

For a more immersive experience to discover the depths of holistic living, C2BC started 6.5-hour events and opened several retreats that help in cultivating positive habits for a prosperous life. The 6.5-hour event helps people get rid of past experiences, shift their perspectives, and start a new life with a clear vision. Ru and Ry also started The Cool 2Be Conscious Podcast to take people through informative and educational journeys to introduce positive change in their lives. The latest of C2BC’s initiatives is creating ethical products like journals, glass water bottles, essential oils, sleep sprays, and more to assist in conscious living.

Ru and Ry are hopeful about spreading breathwork awareness through C2BC around the world, and their next focus is the US. The duo has already partnered with global brands like GymShark, Lululemon, and Wellweb to reach more people in different parts of the world and transform their lives through holistic living.

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