How Ryan Maxwell Filled a Void in the Wellness Industry

The fountain of youth: fact or fiction? We all have that one friend or family member who never seems to age. They still move about with a teenager’s agility, their energy exceeds that of the energizer bunny, and they seem to be virtually pain-free. However, our own morning grunts and groans tend to get louder as we increase our aspirin intake just to survive.

Health and wellness is a multi-trillion dollar a year industry. It seems like everyone on the planet is emptying their wallets, searching for the secrets to a healthy lifestyle.  Multiple visits to doctors or health care practitioners mean numerous bills. Not only that, but how many times have you received conflicting information from different professionals?

Personal Struggle

Ryan Maxwell saw his family struggle with health growing up. They bounced around from specialist to specialist but were never able to attain long-term change. Maxwell’s entrepreneurial spirit started to show as he began formulating a plan to bridge this gap in the wellness industry from a young age. The future result was a fully integrated health model, Fluid Health and Fitness 

No Limits

Fluid Health and Fitness concentrates on total wellness, including proper body movement, exercise, and nutrition. Maxwell has seen the benefits of whole wellness firsthand from his clients in their 70s, 80s, and 90s who now engage in life without restriction. Maxwell says that “Making my health a priority even in small ways now has vastly changed the course of my future.”

The Tools for Success

Maxwell is a firm believer that knowledge is essential to building and keeping a healthy lifestyle. First and foremost, you have to know what you want from a healthy lifestyle and why you want to change. If you don’t know your “why,” it will be hard to adapt to the “how.” Once someone has a full understanding of why they are doing something, it is easier to stay motivated. Long lasting results then come from your own body’s education, the knowledge on how to apply what you know, and the support to be consistent.

Understanding Your Life Choices

Of course, there are times when Maxwell runs into clients that are resistant or hesitate to change certain aspects of their life for overall health. In this case, it is essential to provide a greater awareness of health and life choices and the consequences that can come with them. All of our nutritional choices may not have immediate effects. But knowing that your choices today can influence your future can push you enough to make a change for the better.

Virtual World

Starting a virtual training program has further filled the void of striving for a healthy lifestyle while stuck at home. This virtual resource connects those at home to stay healthy and have all of the specialists they need in one spot. The response to Fluid Health and Wellness’s virtual program has been incredibly positive. This virtual training allows clients to connect with the trainer personally and communicate with the group. Therefore a client receives virtual community support, which would otherwise be lacking with other virtual programs.

A Pain-Free Tomorrow

Today, Maxwell continues to help clients improve their overall health by offering a whole wellness approach both in-person and virtually. Your body is designed to move and live free. Once you restore your body to its original working order, the benefits will be endless.

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