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How Ryan Shakes Monetized His 5 Million TikTok Followers With His Brand ShakeyFam

This is how one TikTok star is monetizing his following.

Ryan Shakes is an 18-year-old influencer born in West Palm Beach, FL, who has been smashing through milestones. Shakes has become well known for his TikTok videos, amassing an audience of over 5 million followers on the platform. With his current status, the young influencer has begun a campaign to monetize the very thing that he loves to do.

Starting out, Shakes’s hobby was entertaining the people around him. He often would make home videos for fun, which he would eventually post on YouTube. In an interview, Shakes said, “I was nine years old when it all started, running around the house and recording myself. I was fascinated by the fact that I can record something of myself in the present time, and 5 minutes later, I can go back into the future and watch that same thing.” This foundation would, later on, prepare him for one of his most significant ventures yet. 

Moving forward, Shakes has been heavily involved in the TikTok community, growing his audience daily. Due to this, he’s been gaining the attention of major labels and management companies who have been looking to utilize his talents. Upon hiring Shakes, he begins helping artists promote their music by using the artist’s song in his videos. Once he posts the video, the promoted artist’s song gains massive traction and has the potential to go viral. 

With these new marketing ventures, Shakes has been able to bring in streams of revenue. Another stream he has successfully built is his website called On the site, he sells all kinds of custom products such as “Shakey Pods,” which are Bluetooth speakers, and a variety of custom apparel. Using his website, he has made thousands of dollars in sales, making his net worth fly past any average 18-year-old.

With all the recent success, Shakes is becoming one of the biggest names in the TikTok scene. With many business opportunities to promote music artists, this 18-year-old defines a new era of marketing for music artists.

Follow Ryan Shakes on Instagram and TikTok: @itsryanshakes


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