How Salvatore D’Amelio Scaled and Stood Out in The Fashion Industry

They say to survive in a particular industry, one needs patience, determination, and the likes. For this entrepreneur in the fashion industry, he has various thriving strategies that make him stand out. One that stands out is believing in his capabilities and being the trendsetter other than following the drift. 

Salvatore D’Amelio’s Background

Salvatore is an Italian native. His father was a fashion entrepreneur. He got into the same industry by following his father’s footsteps and influence. His success has been the evolution of his fathers’ work. He had all the inspiration he needed to get to the industry. Salvatore is now 37-years old with ten years of experience and has three international fashion brands, “MINIMAL,” “THE FUTURE,” “MAKE MONEY NOT FRIENDS,” and a successful sneakers store, “Drop List.” 

 Making A Name for Himself in The Industry

Salvatore D’Amelio’s accomplishments are purely through hard work, leading his team to share the same visions as his. In 4 years, upon establishing his brand, MINIMAL, it was widely embraced, and you could almost meet everyone on the streets with a look from the brand.  

  • Being the trendsetter

Salvatore has faced challenges just like any other entrepreneur, and the most challenging one was coordinating his team to ensure they share the same visions and to believe in his dreams. He has, however, overcome it, smoothing his operations. He is constantly updated, and his formats are exclusive. Salvatore does not follow any trends but instead sets them. He overcomes obstacles with his techniques.

  • Distress Tips

Salvatore best unwinds by spending time with his family to experience the love. He also spends time traveling and researching while at it. His biggest distress tip to get an idea of what to do is staying among young people to find out what is missing in the market. He finds strength in identifying what the market lacks. Upon studying, he acts with effect before someone else does. 

  • Success Habit and Motivation

Salvatore finds inspiration from shopping and looking at beautiful things. From witnessing the beauty, he comes out creative with the streetwear to put out in his business. Salvatore also makes time for the gym and listens to music in his car. He also loves collecting luxury watches, cars, clothes, and designer objects. His family and his children’s future are what motivates him to keep going.

  • Salvatore’s Differentiating Factor

Salvatore is different from other entrepreneurs because he pursues his endeavors out of love and passion rather than money. He only creates what he loves to wear. His brands reflect what he loves, and people believe and trust him for that unique approach. It is his strong point. 

  • Impacting the Society

With the hard-earned fortune and knowledge, Salvatore shows gratitude by giving back to society. He embarks on new projects. Salvatore supports young talents who collaborate with him to make sure the Italian economy progresses. He has also earned the respect of society for creating a workforce in his country. These impacts give him a high degree of satisfaction. 

Advice To Startups

Salvatore advises anyone willing to follow his course to keep believing in their dreams and potentials. According to him, you need to be patient to achieve your goals as you keep your focus. As long as people are innovative and can be unique, you will undoubtedly realize the goals you set. He has gone through all the challenges entrepreneurs face, but he has been patient, implementing strategies to overcome his challenges. He has all the while focused on his end goals which he is gradually achieving. 


Because of the above habits, attitudes, and beliefs, Salvatore D’Amelio is making a statement in the fashion industry. He has portrayed passion, hard work, determination, tenacity, a commendable work ethic, a strong attitude, and optimism that have got him to where he is. Salvatore is gaining expertise and knowledge, but he has also acquired the crown of inspiration to many fashion entrepreneurs. He continues to pursue his dream as he carries on everything he believes in. 

You can reach out to him through Instagram.

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