How Sayed Sayedy is the Peacekeeper That the World Needs Right now

Sayed Sayedy

Even before the global health threat brought by COVID-19 shook the world, it is already facing concerns that every country seems too hard to solve. The movie ‘Miss Congeniality by Sandra Bullock did emphasize the one thing that the world needs right now – World Peace. Achieving it seems to be far from reality, there is one man who tries to make a difference by contributing to this goal.

His name is Sayed Sayedy, an Afghan trainer, coach, and mediator that made a mark in his contributions as a peacekeeper in his own ways. Along with his mother, he fought for women’s rights in his country. They continued to make a difference in Afghanistan, even if it meant to fly to other countries until they found peace on living in Munich in 2015.

Sayed is also focused on the welfare of refugees, through activities that will help them become a contributing force in society. Their acceptance of the new country they are living in is not just a work in progress by the refugees themselves, but also requires the community and their government to do their part. He can help small and medium businesses to integrate refugees in the workplace as employees, conduct special training for those who would like to take part in refugee work, and his commitment for refugees to live a better life by providing coaching and advice. 

In addition, he is a trained MiMi (With Migrants for Migrants program in Germany) mediator for violence prevention at the Ethno-Medical Center e.V.. He conducts a seminar free of charge that is available in multiple languages such as German, English, Pashai, Pashtu, Dari, and Farsi. It is a part of the project “Prevention of violence with migrants for migrants” that aims for men with migration backgrounds to be its target audience. Attendees will help understand what violence is and the consequences in the society, the legal regulations and laws needed to be understood in Germany, and finding assistance within Munich.

He also has experience in providing conflict counseling and management. His advisory services as a peacekeeper can help find solutions that will end up both parties benefit from it. Though most people would automatically think of war when the topic of ‘conflict is being discussed, it can also happen in everyday working life.

The activities in a workplace can also cause serious disputes that can cause damage to a harmonious working relationship of an employer and employee. Sayed can also assist as an advisor to work on solving these conflicts through a one-on-one meeting and end up with a suitable solution. 

Sayed has a long list of list achievements and his contributions, not just as a mediator, but as a contributing member of the society that promotes peace. His belief that as a result of familiarity, people are better able to learn about and understand the various religions and cultures while keeping in mind that respecting the beliefs and customs of others is important.

The different elements that make up humanity, the variety of languages, and the entertainment value of immigrant people are also an opportunity for local and immigrant people to live a successful life together.

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